4 qualified consultants to study the feasibility of the petroleum industrial zone

The Petroleum Corporation is moving forward with the procedures for establishing a petroleum industrial zone in Al-Ahmadi, as it will announce today, Sunday, an exercise to prepare the advisory study for the detailed feasibility study of the petroleum industrial zone.

According to the practice data, the offering will be limited to 4 global consultants: Ernst & Young, Middle East Strategy, Engineers India Limited, and Boston Consulting.

Sources had informed Al-Anba that the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation intends to allocate an area to establish the petroleum industrial zone, in order to enhance the role of the private sector in the activities of the oil sector, such as establishing factories for subsequent products resulting from refining and petrochemical activities.

Previous feasibility studies conducted by the Petroleum Corporation and its companies had expected that the industrial zone would have an added value in local economic growth of around $4 billion during the first five years of construction and provide around 1,300 job opportunities for citizens.

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