5 questions regarding Al-Ahly and Zamalek after canceling the summit match

Many questions are circulating in the Egyptian football street, after the cancellation Summit match between Al-Ahly And Zamalek, which was scheduled to bring together the two teams at seven in the evening today, Tuesday, in the 27th round of the league competition, due to Zamalek’s withdrawal from the match.
We monitor the most prominent questions and answers in the following lines:

Q: How does Al-Ahly think after canceling the match?


Club officials directed the Matches Committee to meet and communicate with “Tazkarti” company officials to agree on How to compensate fans Who bought tickets for a match, and Al-Ahly officials asked the Matches Committee to look into the matter urgently in order to preserve the rights of Al-Ahly fans, which deserve appreciation, especially since they endure a lot of trouble to be present in different stadiums in order to support their team at all times and places. Technically, the technical staff closed the file. The summit and preparations for the next match against… Pharco In the league.

Q: What are the expected sanctions against Zamalek?


I notified Egyptian Clubs Association Professionally, Zamalek called for a penalty of withdrawal against Al-Ahly in the canceled summit match, which was scheduled to be held at seven in the evening today, Tuesday, at Cairo Stadium. The penalty included considering Zamalek withdrawing against Al-Ahly, and thus considering it defeated 2-0 in favor of Al-Ahly, with 3 new points deducted from its score. The end of the season, with a fine determined by the Association’s Board of Directors, and the punishment of everyone involved in the withdrawal.

Q: Will Zamalek continue the league after withdrawing from the summit?


A Board of Directors will be held this Tuesday evening Zamalek Club Chaired by Hussein Labib, a meeting was held to decide the fate of the upcoming matches for the white team, and to determine the position of the Zamalek club regarding playing the remaining rounds of the league competition, which amount to 13 matches after the summit match that was cancelled.

Q: What is the fate of the Spanish refereeing team after the cancellation of the summit?


The Spanish referees team will leave Cairo tomorrow, Wednesday, returning to their country after the cancellation of the summit match between… Al-Ahly and Zamalek In the Egyptian League, which was scheduled for Tuesday, Football Association officials revealed that the referees will receive their full dues, and will leave Cairo tomorrow on the same booking dates set for them. The Spanish referee crew consists of international arena referee Alejandro Muñiz Ruiz, assisted by assistant referees Diego Sanchez Rojo and Fabian Blanco. , the fourth referee, Francisco Jose, and Santiago Jaime Latri, leads the VAR video assistant referee, and is assisted by Miguel Angel Ortiz Arias.

Q: What is the ranking of the poles in the table after Al-Ahly’s legal victory?


Hafez Alahli football club For its position in second place in the table League standings After raising his score to 45 points, after obtaining 3 legal points from the victory over Zamalek after the white team withdrew.
While Zamalek Club currently occupies tenth place in the league table with 34 points, the white team will be subject to the penalty of deducting 6 points from its score as a penalty of withdrawal from the top at the end of the season.

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