50 thousand euros as a reward for each player in Germany for taking the lead in the European Nations

German press reports revealed today, Monday, that two players… Germany national team He won the first financial prize in the Manschaft journey in the European Nations Cup 2024.

Germany topped the first group standings with 7 points after wins over Scotland and Hungary and a draw with Switzerland.

She indicated that each player in the German national team, consisting of 26 players, will receive 50,000 euros, a total of 53,500 dollars, from the German Football Association, after topping the first group.

Each player will also receive another 50,000 euros if they qualify for the quarter-finals, and the amount could rise to 400,000 euros per player if Germany wins the title on July 14.

The financial prizes are linked to the team’s performance, which was the procedure followed in past tournaments. If Germany lost to Switzerland and finished second in the group, it would not receive a financial prize despite qualifying for the round of 16.

German players did not receive a financial reward after qualifying for the second round in the last Euro Championship in 2021. Because of occupying second place before exiting in the round of 16, the same thing was repeated in the World Cup the following year, after the team was eliminated from the group stage.

The federations participating in the tournament receive large sums of money from the European Football Association.

The total prize money for the tournament is 331 million euros, divided based on participation and performance, with the champion team receiving a prize that can reach 28 million and 500 thousand euros.

The German Football Association is expected to receive 13 million and 250 thousand euros, after qualifying for the round of 16 at the top of Group A.

Qualifying for the quarter-finals will guarantee the German Federation another financial prize of 2.50 million euros, which increases to 4 million euros by qualifying for the semi-finals, and the Euro champion will receive an additional 8 million euros, compared to 5 million euros for the runner-up.

Germany snatched a fatal draw from its counterpart SwitzerlandWith a goal for each of them, in the match that was held between them at the “Dutch Bank Park” stadium, in the third round of Group A in the European Nations Cup “Euro 2024”.

The German national team is at the top of the rankings The first group With 7 points, its qualification to the quarter-finals of Euro 2024 was decided earlier, while the Swiss team comes in second place with 5 points, accompanying the German machines to the round of sixteen.

Germany failed to achieve its third victory in a row, knowing that it qualified in the last round after defeating its counterpart, the Hungarian national team, with a clean double.

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