67-year-old Amnon Mokhtar from Petach Tikva is the man who was murdered in Kalkiliya

Family members and friends arrived at the end of Shabbat at the family home of 67-year-old Amnon Mokhtar from Petach Tikva who was murdered this morning (Saturday) in Kalkilia. The man, a father of five and four grandchildren, who owns a vegetable stand in the Petah Tikva market, entered the Palestinian city of Qalqilya this morning and was shot dead in his car. “It’s an attack for all intents and purposes,” said a relative, “they shot a person inside the vehicle – it’s a nationalist murder.”

Another relative said in a conversation with Israel Hayom: “He was a good guy. Amnon donated to people in secret, raised children to glory, loved to help and give. He donated to people who had nothing.” About the entrance to Kalkiliya, the relative said: “He liked to go there, he liked the atmosphere.” Mukhtar’s neighbor said: “In the morning they wrote in the WhatsApp group in the building that this is our neighbor. It’s terrible, it’s unimaginable. He was a good neighbor, a good family. He would always hand out fruits and vegetables at his market stall to the needy. A humble man. His son got married only two months ago . its sad”.

Nir, Amnon’s son, said in memory of his father: “He was an exemplary father and grandfather, a righteous man who was murdered by terrorists. It is clear to us that this was an attack. He loved to travel there, knew the people there and everyone loved him. He would help everyone – it is tragic that it ended this way He didn’t think that was what they would do to him there, he wouldn’t hurt anyone.” He added that the family learned of Mokhtar’s murder following videos that were distributed on social networks: “We found out about the murder from the Internet, then the police called us and said that the vehicle was in Kalkilia. I asked where my father was and they could not say. From the networks we understood that he was murdered.” His wife Eti told Israel Hayom: “He was murdered only because he was Jewish. He was a pure soul, we raised five wonderful children together.”

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