7 vital projects await the arrival of the new governor of Damietta after the departure of Manal Awad

Sons are waiting Damietta Governorate Announcing the arrival of Dr. Ayman Mohamed Rashad Al-Shahabi, the new governor of Damietta, succeeding Dr. Manal Awad, governor of Damietta. The new governor is waiting for a number of files to be completed and the remaining proposed projects to be implemented as follows:

Automated Slaughterhouse Project

It is noteworthy that the automated slaughterhouse and veterinary quarantine project is being established in the Shata area on an area of ​​12 acres and includes 12 pens, two government slaughterhouses and one investment slaughterhouse, animal waste recycling and triple treatment stations with a capacity of 400 m3/day, as well as a compost factory, an administrative building, a feed warehouse, a dock for unloading and classification, and sales outlets. This project comes within the plan of the Ministry of Local Development to achieve the state’s vision for sustainable development and the development of the meat production and industry sector.

Governorate building

Dr. Manal Awad has started developing the governorate’s general office building, as the governorate’s general office building is being constructed according to smart green standards. It includes the technology services center that was opened by the governor of Damietta before her departure, and the rest of the project has not yet been completed, as well as completing the development work on the Nile Corniche in the area surrounding the governorate’s general office.

Tongue Walkway Development Project

The project, the first phase of which was opened, is planned to include the construction of the main restaurant square, which came as a first phase with a total area of ​​55,200 square meters. It is a square of granite formations with an area of ​​2,000 square meters, and the rest of the area is green spaces and trees, in addition to the construction of an upper square “the second phase” with ramps for people with disabilities, a staircase, and a restaurant building on an area of ​​2,200 square meters, including an external square, as well as the construction of a theater with a capacity of 750 people overlooking the main Corniche, which is located on an area of ​​7,000 square meters and includes green spaces and the construction of complete facilities and decorative seats in addition to a bicycle path with a length of 700 square meters extending around all the squares of the Corniche.

Corniche development

The former governor of Damietta had previously announced a few days before her departure a project to develop the seafront and the Gulf area, and Dr. Manal Awad revealed the governorate’s plan to prepare a project to develop the seafront corniche in Ras El Bar city, after the poor condition the walkway is currently in and the deterioration of large parts of it, which does not match the city’s position on the tourist map.

Development of Damietta Ambulance Branch

Preparations have been made to implement a project to develop and upgrade the efficiency of the Damietta Ambulance Branch to include an operating room with its equipment, housing for workers, as well as a training hall, garage, and administrative offices.

Electricity connection to urban extension associations

A large number of land and hut owners in the new Ras El Bar urban extension area are waiting for the electricity cables to be connected to cover the area and to allow the connection of coded meters, as approval was given to establish distribution panel No. 3 to cover 30 transformers to serve 6 areas affiliated with the southern area “urban extension” in Ras El Bar city.

Nile Corniche in Sanania

It is one of the projects currently being implemented, and the Damietta citizen hopes to complete it quickly, considering that the Nile Corniche Road in Sananiya is a main artery linking Damietta, Sananiya and Ras El Bar.

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