70 missiles and emergency in Kiryat Shmona after two Lebanese were killed in an Israeli raid News


Israeli media reported that the city of Kiryat Shmona, northwest of the Galilee Finger (northern Israel), was attacked by about 70 missiles, after villages were hit. In southern Lebanon An Israeli bombing led to the death of 3 civilians.

The mayor of Kiryat Shmona declared a state of emergency and asked residents to leave immediately, after it was attacked by rockets, while the spokesman for the municipality of Kiryat Shmona said that 30 rockets were detected and 13 were intercepted, while 17 landed in open areas.

Israeli media reported that sirens were heard in Kfar Blum, Kiryat Shmona, and Beit Hillel in northern Israel, as well as in the city of Haifa, in addition to hearing the sounds of missile interceptions.

The same sources reported that there was a power outage in areas of the Galilee after being subjected to heavy missile strikes, and the explosion of Israeli interceptor missiles was heard in the airspace of the town of Mays al-Jabal in southern Lebanon.

Meanwhile, he announced Hizb allah The Lebanese bombed a building in Kiryat Shmona, confirming direct casualties in response to targeting civilians in the town of Hula. He also added that he bombed Kafr Blum in the Galilee area in northern Israel with dozens of Katyusha rockets.

Reuters quoted an official as saying that an Israeli strike killed 3 civilians in their home in the town of Houla, southern Lebanon.

The Civil Defense in southern Lebanon said that a man, his wife, and their son were killed in an Israeli raid on their home in the town of Hula in southern Lebanon, opposite the Galilee finger.

Al Jazeera’s correspondent reported renewed Israeli bombing of southern Lebanon, as Israeli artillery bombed the vicinity of the town of Wazzani.

Lebanese media said that Israeli occupation artillery targeted the vicinity of the road between Burj Al-Muluk and Al-Khiyam in the Marjayoun Plain.

Bombing and closing

Israel announced the closure of some of its settlements that were hit by Hezbollah missiles, warning of “reaching a stage of military resolution.”

Israeli Channel 12 said that a missile had been fired at a military area in the town of Arab Al-Aramsha, near the Lebanese border, without causing any casualties. It added that the Israeli army responded by bombing the source of the fire.

The channel indicated that after an assessment conducted by the Israeli army, traffic was closed in the settlements of Manara, Misgat Am, and Margaliot.

Earlier on Tuesday, occupation aircraft bombed the town of Siddiqin, while its artillery bombed the outskirts of other towns in southern Lebanon.

On the other hand, sirens sounded today in a number of Israeli settlements in the Western Galilee region, close to Lebanon’s southern border.

Lebanese Hezbollah said its fighters were targeted Merkava tank The Israeli occupation forces attacked the Natua settlement with a guided missile, killing and wounding its crew.

The Times of Israel newspaper quoted the Israeli police as saying that damage was caused to a building in Kiryat Shmona as a result of a missile launched from Lebanon.


Meanwhile, the head of the Lebanese caretaker government said Najib Mikati Indirect talks on cessation of hostilities on the Lebanese-Israeli border will begin during the month of Ramadan next week.

Mikati added – to the local Al-Jadeed channel – that Lebanese officials are studying a proposal by the American envoy Amos Hockstein, who visited Beirut – yesterday, Monday – in order to push for a diplomatic solution to stop the exchange of fire between Hezbollah and Israel.

On the other hand, the Israeli Defense Minister said Yoav Galant “Hezbollah’s aggression brings us closer to the decisive point regarding our military action in southern Lebanon.”

At the same time, Gallant confirmed during discussions with Hockstein that Tel Aviv is committed to political efforts to reach an agreement with Lebanon.

It is reported that since the day after the operation Al-Aqsa flood On October 7, Hezbollah launched a missile attack on Israeli military sites and settlements, “in support and support of the Palestinian resistance in Gaza.”

For its part, the Israeli army is launching air and artillery bombardments on villages and towns in southern Lebanon, and says it is targeting Hezbollah military sites and infrastructure.

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