“A 6-page statement” .. Pyramids criticizes the decision of the Clubs Association and complicates

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Monday 01 July 2024

Written by – Mustafa Al-Jaritli:

Pyramids Club officials expressed their astonishment at the decision of the Egyptian Professional Clubs Association to complete the remainder of their team’s match against Smouha, given the circumstances of the match that was cancelled after a fire broke out in one of the lighting poles.

Pyramids Club issued a 6-page statement on Monday evening justifying its position and announcing its escalation of the matter to the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA), the International Court of Arbitration for Sport, and the Federal Court.

The statement read: “Pyramids Club expresses its astonishment at the strange decision, which violates all regulations, by the Egyptian Professional Clubs Association, to complete the remainder of the team’s match against Smouha, under the same conditions that existed during the match that was cancelled by a decision of the association in advance. What increased the astonishment at the decision is that it was sent and officially announced only 24 hours before the match!”

Pyramids Club continued: “We were surprised a few hours ago at midnight, on the June 30 holiday in the country, by the decision of the Competitions Committee, in which the Clubs Association demanded that we travel to another city to face a completely different competitor, and with different preparations, only 24 hours before the scheduled match time. It seems that taking such a decision indicates a lack of awareness or understanding of the simplest basics of sports, the health of the players, their psychological and physical preparation, and maintaining their safety, after they decided on their own late to have the team travel to another city 200 km away from Cairo, to play a match against another team in different circumstances, without taking into account the organizational and logistical work of transportation, hotel reservations, training grounds, recovery facilities, food, medical and security equipment that are prepared in advance, which negatively affects all the natural preparations for any match.”

He added: “Rather, the decision indicates a lack of awareness or understanding of the extent of the negative impact on the commercial value of the Egyptian League and the destruction of the confidence of investors and sponsors in the Egyptian football industry, whether by entering it or proceeding with investing in it. The Clubs Association, with its decision to complete the remainder of the match, disregarded the regulations, as well as the reports of the referee and the observer, and the report of the fact-finding committee on the events of Alexandria Stadium, which confirmed the existence of an electricity problem in the stadium and clear negligence in dealing with this problem by the landowner and the organization, which requires issuing a decision to consider Pyramids a winner with two goals to none according to the regulations that are crystal clear in this matter, that the problem of power outages is not considered a force majeure, as the association applies policies to some clubs and does not apply them to everyone.”

“We are surprised by the decisions and media statements made by the league officials even before the match ended, and their attempt to force us to accept the fait accompli of replaying the match, then backtracking and issuing a new decision late so that there is no room for objection and grievance against the decision according to the simplest rules of procedural justice. Rather, the first official in the clubs’ association comes out, disregarding the regulations, and confirming that the association has every right to make whatever decisions it deems appropriate outside the regulations. Matters cannot be managed through whims, and Egyptian football is bigger than to be controlled according to personal whims in this manner,” he added.

The statement continued: “Based on what happened in this file, Pyramids Club reserves its full right to take all necessary legal measures against this decision, and escalate the case to the International Court of Arbitration for Sport, FIFA and the Federal Court, to obtain the club’s rights wasted by the Clubs Association and Egyptian football officials, and their violation of the league regulations and failure to implement prompt justice, which requires granting Pyramids the full points of the match. Such decisions raise doubts and questions about the desire of those in charge of Egyptian football management to seek to establish the rules of fair competition and justice among all parties that seek with honor and struggle to win the Egyptian Premier League title.”

The Pyramids Club management confirmed, through the same statement, its determination and insistence to continue until the end in the competition for the league title, which the club leads: “Despite the many challenges and interventions that added difficulties and obstacles to the league’s progress this year, the Football Association and its apparatuses showed mismanagement and arbitrariness in using their powers in the case of the team’s player, Mohamed El-Sheeb, who they issued a decision to suspend for objecting to the court ruling issued in his favor, a decision that was suspended by the International Court of Arbitration for Sport after the player resorted to it, to suspend the decision of the Football Association’s Board of Directors, which violated all regulations and laws. Despite the Disciplinary Committee’s confirmation that El-Sheeb did not violate any regulations, the Football Association made its strange decision, which was later cancelled by the Sports Court, and the player did not find any justice from the Federation or the Association when he was assaulted, and they refused to grant him his most basic rights by terrorizing him with harsh penalties to give up his natural right.”

The statement added: “The strangest thing about Al-Sheeb’s case is the confirmation by the officials of the Football Association and the League that the local regulations did not do justice to the player and restricted them from granting him his natural right to an appropriate punishment for the aggressor, and the confirmation of their desire to amend the regulations to increase the punishment for what happened with Al-Sheeb. The FIFA regulations that require severe punishments for the aggressor were not taken into account, while in the Smouha match crisis, the League officials said that they did not take into account the local regulations and worked with the CAF and FIFA regulations for the principle of “Fair Play”. We ask, do the Egyptian football regulations need to be amended in general, or do they need to be amended when they touch on a matter related to Pyramids Club only and no one else?!”

Pyramids continued its statement by saying: “We would like to point out the general problems in the management of the league by the Football Association and the Competitions Committee, including setting an unfair schedule that puts the participating teams under unequal pressure, which violates the principle of equal opportunities. Unequal times were also chosen for the team’s matches, to be at 4 pm at the height of the heat wave that the country is experiencing, although this never happens with the matches of the team competing for the league title! At the current stage, the club’s management believes that the match schedule has put the team under pressure to play close matches until June 30 without any reason, then a complete rest for 16 days, which leads to the team’s players being exhausted first, then their exit from the competitive atmosphere second.”

“The basis for setting the match schedule is moderation so that each team gets its full and fair chance to perform at its best. What is also unfortunate is that the match schedulers completely ignored the matches of the Egyptian Olympic team, which Pyramids Club is proud of, as five of its players participated with it in the final match of the African Cup of Nations under 20 years, to set two of the most important matches that the team faces and that greatly affect the title decision at times that conflict with the Olympic team matches, which puts the club and the players under unnecessary pressure and distraction, and detracts from the role of the federation and the committee in supporting the Olympic team that represents all of Egypt.”

Pyramids Club stresses that: “All these circumstances create an unfavorable climate that affects fair competition and puts participating teams under unhealthy pressures, and that this leads to violations that occur during the management of the matches themselves. The club stresses the importance of the role of refereeing, as a main element in the system, in managing matches in a professional manner. The club has sent many letters to the Clubs Association and the Football Association to complain in this regard. The club joins its voice to those calling for the necessity of having a transparent and announced mechanism to hold referees accountable and punish those who make mistakes, as well as appreciating and motivating those who provide professional sports performance; which will have the greatest impact in giving a positive boost to referees and participating teams alike.

The club concluded its statement by saying: “We affirm our pride and appreciation for our players and the entire work team for their efforts with dedication, sincerity and professionalism in facing all difficulties and challenges, stressing their full support for the team to continue on its path in the competition until the last moment without paying attention to attempts to obstruct it and deprive it of its right to compete honorably for the title, and stressing its complete insistence on overcoming all difficulties and standing by the team with all available capabilities, expressing at the same time its pride in the club’s fans who come to support it in the matches, especially those who take the trouble to travel for that, and also extends its greetings to the football fans in Egypt, regardless of their affiliations, who deserve a world-class league that befits great Egypt and its long history of football.”

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