A bold photo session.. Kim Kardashian raises controversy again and the public

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Wednesday, June 26, 2024

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American reality TV star Kim Kardashian shared a bold photo session in her latest appearance on social media.

Kardashian posted the photos on her Instagram account, and opinions varied between supporters and opponents of her recent appearance.

Comments rained down on her: “Very bold, skinny enough, you imitate Marilyn Monroe, I hope you end up looking like Marilyn Monroe, a bad photo session and you insult Marilyn Monroe.”

In 2014, Kardashian underwent a bold photo session in which she appeared naked, for the American magazine Paper. She said about the session at the time: “It is an honor for me to cooperate with the legendary photographer Jean-Paul Gode,” noting that the session took place in Paris.

Kim, 43, recently sparked controversy over her romantic relationship with England and Real Madrid star Jude Bellingham.

This came after sharing multiple photos of her with the “Royal” team player, through her official platforms on various social networking sites, while displaying some outfits.

She responded to rumors of a relationship between them in an official statement, in which she said: “I am delighted to unveil Billingham as the face of our new Skims Men advertising campaign. It is a very exciting time for our brand, and this campaign is another example of Skims’ ability to create global cultural moments, especially… In the field of sports.

In previous television statements, Kim Kardashian said that she is preparing to embody the heroine of the movie “The Fifth Wheel,” which she produced and is scheduled to be shown on the “Netflix” platform.

She added: “I did not expect to take this path and it was truly a surprise. If the film succeeds, I will feel accomplished, but who knows? It is a very new experience… and I have to sacrifice some things, such as sleep, and I think I will reduce Botox injections in order to show my emotions more in acting.” Because I’m not able to.. How can I look afraid? How can I cry, but I won’t let myself gain 500 pounds for a role.”

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