“A brothel that gathered the accused”… How did the “Umm Mazen” gang betray the Yemeni general in the twentieth?

Books – Mahmoud Al-Shorbagy and Ramadan Younes:

On Sunday, the Giza Criminal Court, held in Zeinhom, began hearing the first trial sessions for those accused of killing Yemeni Major General Hassan al-Obaidi, inside his apartment in Faisal.

At the end of its sessions, the court decided to postpone hearing the case until next March 6. To hear the defendants’ defense arguments after the court appointed lawyers to defend the defendants before the judge.

“Masrawy” obtained the text of the investigations into Case No. 3854 of 2024 Felonies of Boulaq Al-Dakrour Police Department, registered under No. 493 of 2024 in South Giza, known in the media as the case of the murder of Yemeni Major General Hassan Al-Obaidi, in which 5 people are accused, “two men and 3 women.”

Masrawy publishes part of the text of the statements of the first accused, Israa Saber, “Umm Mazen”:

Q/ What is your initiative to introduce you to “Ramadan Beladi”?

A/ I met “Ramadan Belidi” – the first accused – in Fayoum. At that time, I was staying with someone who owned a brothel and she was married to the owner of “Ramadan.”

One day I was going to buy something from a supermarket. At that time, I got to know him and we loved each other. We agreed that we would get married, and in fact we got married according to customary law, and we stayed in Fayoum for about two months. After that, we decided to return to Cairo, and I introduced him to my family, and he told them that we were married according to customary law. After that, we rented an apartment in Imbaba and preferred We lived there for about 4 months, and our financial situation was good because he was working with my mother’s husband in the car furnishings.

Q/ What is the source of your spending upon your return from Fayoum Governorate?

A: I suggested to Ramadan that I should go back to work again in my work with the men, that we should work out something that we can do on our own, because the money was tight with us. So much so that we sat for 3 days without eating, so we started selling the things we had one by one and he kept borrowing money from his friends from Fayoum.

Q: What did Malath reach from that predicament?

A/ I thought I would go back to my old job again, but I wouldn’t have relationships with his men. I would lure them, drug them, and my husband Ramadan would come and steal them.

Victim luring scheme

Q: What plan did you specifically adopt to lure your victims?

A/ I agreed with Ramadan that I would dress and make up and go down the street until someone stopped me and I would ride with him so he could have a relationship with me. I would try to laugh at him and keep him company until I could drug him with coconut tablets that she gave me. Then, when the customer became dizzy and unconscious, Ramadan would come and steal the apartment. He was in an apartment, and if he was in a car, he would come and search him, steal the car, and throw it away.

Q/ When did you meet the aforementioned victim, and what was the beginning of your meeting?

A/ I was walking alone one day on the Nile Corniche at one and a half in the morning, and I said to do something. I found an angel’s car that was the same color as me. He stopped by me and found the one who was driving it holding me close to me. I was happy. I rode with him and he sat talking to me, and I understood from his accent that he was Gulf and he asked me to establish a relationship. He would give me four gifts. Thousands of pounds, so I told him, “Okay, let’s go to the apartment.” He said, “No, leave it tomorrow. I’m going to stay with my friends.”

When I looked at the car in which he was riding, I found many gifts with him, so I understood that he was rich, so I said I would not get any interest from him, and I preferred to ride with him in the car, and he dropped me off near my house. I got out after I took his phone number from him and gave him my phone number, and we agreed that I would go to him the next day.. When I went, I talked. To my husband about what happened to me and the Gulf man, we agreed that we would seek no interest from him because he is a “marish” man. A day later, I received a message from the customer trying to call me.

Q: What prompted you to call him?

A/ I spoke to him because I wanted to get any interest from him or two pennies and that’s it.

Q/ What is the content of that phone conversation?

A/ When I spoke to him on the phone, he started asking about me and said that he wanted me to go to him with my two daughters as well so that we could spend the night with him and he would give us a lot of money.. I told him that I only had my sister with me, but he said to me, “Send me a picture of her.” So I sent him a picture and told him that this is my sister, and he liked it. He told me, ‘Come on, you two.’ She sent me his location on my husband’s phone, ‘Ramadan.’ He told me that he was with one of his friends, so I told him, ‘Okay,’ and at that time, Ramadan was hearing the call and he was telling me to follow him.

Crime execution agreement

Q: What is your plan?

A/ I told my husband about what the Gulf man said to me, and he said, “You and your sister will leave, one to keep him busy and one to put him to sleep until he sleeps, and the first time he sleeps, he and Abdul Rahman, my sister’s husband, will come out and steal the apartment, and we will all go down, and if the man resists and does nothing, we will silence him and support him until he stops.” Any resistance so as not to expose us.

Ramadan and I agreed on this plan, and I spoke to Suhair and her husband, Abdul Rahman, while they were sleeping. Ramadan and I were happy at Suhair’s house, and when we told them about the plan that we had drawn up, they agreed to it and told us that they would implement this plan with us to find out if he had any interest in his response.

Q/ What is it that gave rise to the intention of the accused, “Abdul Rahman,” to get rid of the victim following your agreement with the two accused?

A: He is Abd al-Rahman. He said that he wanted the Gulf man to die because he wanted the matter to be resolved as long as the man would not cause any problems. He even said that he wanted to put the knife on his neck so he could quickly get rid of the matter.

Q/ Did you respond to what the accused Abdul Rahman presented to him?

A: No, we all told him, no issue of blood or death.

Q/ What followed your agreement to commit the incident?

A: We all moved after Suhair got dressed and we preceded them to the man’s location. When we approached the house, we spoke to him and told him that we were approaching the house. He told us to leave it another day because my friend who was with me had walked away, so Suhair went to talk to him on the phone and said to him, “I mean, you will answer us.” This whole distance goes back to your words, so we said, “Come to Faisal.” When we went there and arrived at the building he said, we talked to him, and he went down. He opened for me and Suhair, and we went out to his apartment with him.

Dancing and wine

Q: What specifically happened after you and the second accused entered the victim’s residence?

A/ When we entered the apartment, we all sat in the living room and played songs. He had put a bottle in the shape of wine, and he started pouring it for Leah and Suhair and for himself. He started drinking, and Suhair and I sat and danced for him. After a simple need, he got up and entered the bedroom to get the charger from inside. I was happy to get the sleep aid and gave it to Suhair and she put it down. A little while in the cup he was drinking from, and then the Gulf man actually came back and drank it all, and we stayed with him until the snow was gone, so he got up to get snow from the kitchen.

Then I put some of the sleeping pill in his drink until he started to feel dizzy. While we were sitting with him, Ramadan called the phone I had with me. I reached out to Suhair and told her to answer your mother so that the man wouldn’t feel in need. So Suhair went and took the phone and entered it. The kitchen and she told them that the man was still freckled.

At that time, Ramadan asked her, “Is it one or two?” and she replied to him and said to him, “Is it one, but he was happy.” He said, “Give me Israa.” She went out of the kitchen and said to me, “Call your mother,” because I went into the kitchen connected to Ramadan again. He said, “Why is it one, but you didn’t tell me why,” so I told him, “I was.” I was going on the basis that they were two, but I found that his friend was not there and he was the only one who was there, so he told me to come down and open for us so that we can finish the matter early and no one would feel between us, and you tried to remove the man and tell him that you want to get something from below and you closed it with Ramadan.

Then I went to the man and said that we are hungry and give me money so that we can get food from below, and I took 200 pounds, the keys to the apartment, and the elevator code, and left them alone and went downstairs. The first time I got down, I opened the door of the building, and I found Ramadan and Abdel Rahman in a row. They entered one after the other, and I went ahead of them at the elevator door and they rode with me. We went to see the Gulf man’s apartment.

The first time I put the key in the door of the apartment and opened it and I entered the first time, Ramadan went in after me and Abdel Rahman Fadl was standing at the door of the apartment. The Gulf man saw us. I went to Abdel Rahman inside the apartment and told him to be quiet. She locked the door on us with the key and they both went and kept holding on to the man and trying to contain him and conceal himself with their hands. Until they reached the hall and they were holding the man until they sat on a chair in the hall and Ramadan strangled him by the neck and Abdul Rahman started hitting the man with the pants he had taken off. I told them to take a picture of him because I know that the Gulf is afraid of pictures and scandals. Then I entered “Suheir.” She searched the bedroom and the man tried to get up but fell on his face in front of the kitchen.”

A private safe and bags for stolen items

Q/ Describe the incident of assault on the victim?

C/ Abd al-Rahman and Ramadan grabbed him and tried to hold him and conceal himself with their hands until they reached the hall and seated him on a chair. Then Abd al-Rahman entered the room and said to me, “Get a scarf that we can gag the man with.” I sat down and took down the clothes in the closet to look for a scarf, and at the same time I was looking in the closet for something. We steal it. At that time, Abdul Rahman brought a yellow scarf and a pillow case, and they took a scarf that belonged to Suheir, and he went back to Ramadan, hitting the man with the back of the knife in the back of his head, and they both went away tying him, and I thought that there was a safe in the bedroom next to the door, and I was happy to say to Ramadan. Then he went back to the man again… and they started hitting him on the head from behind and they started asking him about the keys to the safe, and the Gulf man told them, “Don’t call me for what’s in the safe, and I will give you more money than what’s in the safe.” Ramadan insulted the man, and Abd al-Rahman hit him to tell him where the safe’s keys and the man were. A lot of beating, he kept calling him to tell him where the keys were, and he actually said, where they are. Ramadan found the keys and opened the safe. We took all the paper and money in it and brought two bags to Mina, including all that was in the house, including perfumes, telephones, gold, playstations, and clothes. We went to look at the man and found him completely out of breath.

Q/ What was the number of blows that the defendants, “Ramadan” and “Abdul Rahman,” inflicted on the victim, and where were they specifically?

A/ The first blow Abd al-Rahman hit him when he entered the door of the house, and Ramadan was pushing him inside the hall so he wouldn’t get out, and Abd al-Rahman hit him in the face with a bonnet, and after that Ramadan hit him about five or six blows in the face and he was wearing a ring on his hand until they started to take control. On the man, they pushed him onto a chair in the hall, and Ramadan started suffocating him. Then Abd al-Rahman hit him about five or six times, and I went inside with Ramadan and I to complete a search in the house. We heard Abd al-Rahman hitting the man, and when we came out of the room, we found Abd al-Rahman putting the knife on his neck. The man’s body is crippled.

For its part, the Cairo Criminal Court, sitting in the Zeinhom Courts Complex, decided to postpone the first session of the defendants’ trial to March 6.

The referral order stated that the first to fourth defendants killed Al-Obaidi intentionally, with premeditation, and robbed him, after they had the intention and determined to do so, by preparing for that a sedative drug, “clozapine,” and a white weapon, “a penknife,” as the fifth defendant participated with them in hiding part of the Stolen items.

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