A driver and his cousin were killed in a car accident in the Faroukia Canal in Dar es Salaam, Sohag

A driver and a worker were killed by drowning in the Al-Farouqiya Canal in the Dar Al-Salam Center District, southeast of Sohag Governorate. My car overturned They were traveling in it. The two bodies were recovered and transported to the Dar es Salaam Central Hospital morgue, and kept in the hospital morgue at the disposal of the Public Prosecution, which authorized the burial of the two bodies.

Major General Mohamed Abdel Moneim Sherbash, Director of Sohag Security, received notification of a car overturning in the Al-Farouqiya Canal in the Dar es Salaam Center District and the presence of deceased people. The effects of the accident were removed and traffic was restored on the road after it was partially halted due to the accident.

Upon examination, it was revealed through the investigations supervised by the Major General, Director of the Criminal Investigation Department, and led by the Brigadier General, Chief of Investigations of the Directorate, and officers of the Dar Al Salam Police Station Investigation Unit, that a car overturned in Al-Farouqiya Canal and two deceased people on the eastern agricultural road in the Dar Al Salam Center, as while the car was driving, my owner, “Radi A.M. A., 26 years old, a driver and resident of the center district on the indicated road, lost the steering wheel in his hand, which led to it swerving and overturning in the Al-Farouqiya canal adjacent to the road.

The accident resulted in the death of the car driver, and his companion, his cousin “Rabi’ J. A. A.”, 32 years old, a worker and resident of the center district. The two bodies were transported to the central hospital morgue. Upon questioning the uncle of the deceased, called Ali M. A. A., 66 years old, an agricultural worker and resident of the same district, the content of the above was denied, and the suspicion was denied. Criminal.

After a medical examination was conducted on the two bodies by the health inspector, he stated that the cause of death was “asphyxia by drowning.” A report was prepared on the incident and it was presented to the prosecution, which investigated the incident and authorized the burial of the body.

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