A maid was arrested on charges of stealing gold jewelry from Emad Meteb’s villa in Maadi

I decided Maadi Prosecution A maid was imprisoned for 4 days pending investigation, accused of stealing gold jewelry from inside a villa Imad Moteab Former Al-Ahly player, as investigations and inquiries revealed that the incident was caused by a maid working in the player’s villa.

The security services were able to arrest a maid accused of… Stealing money And gold jewelry from inside the apartment of former Al-Ahly player Emad Meteb in Maadi, and a report was filed on the incident.

Maadi Police Department received a report from a former Al-Ahly player. Imad Moteab Jewelry items were stolen from inside his apartment in the department’s office. Immediately, the search was intensified and it was found that behind the incident was a maid working for him. She was arrested and confessed to the incident.

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