A medical examination determines the fate of Percy Tau from the Zamalek match at the top of the league

Percy Tau, the Al-Ahly player, is undergoing a medical examination to determine his position on playing in the summit match against Zamalek next Monday, within the Egyptian League competitions, after he was absent from participating with his team in the previous matches due to his complaint of muscle fatigue.

Percy Tau missed participating with Al-Ahly in Simba’s matches, the second leg of the African Champions League quarter-finals, and then the matches of Enppi and Z in the league.

The medical examination that Tao will undergo will determine his position on participating in the summit match or excluding him from the match, even though his chances of reaching the summit are very great.

Al-Ahly has suffered from many absences in the recent period due to injuries, most notably Mohamed El-Shenawy, Mohamed Hani, Yasser Ibrahim, Elio Dieng, Emam Ashour, Marawan Attia, Ali Maaloul, Hussein El-Shahat, Mohamed El-Dawy, Christo, and Percy Tao.

The first football team of Al-Ahly Club performed its training this morning at the Touch Stadium, in preparation for the Zamalek match scheduled for next Monday evening, within the postponements of the tenth week of the Premier League Championship.

Al-Ahly training included recovery training for the players who participated in the Z match that was held yesterday, while the rest of the players continued their various training under the supervision of the technical staff.

The goalkeeper trio, Mustafa Schubert, Mahmoud Al-Zanfali and Mustafa Makhlouf, underwent their training under the supervision of Michel Yancon, the goalkeeper coach.

Ali Maaloul and Aliou Dieng continued their training within their program to prepare them to return to participating in group training. Technical director Marcel Kohler also held a session with his assistants to continue preparing for the next Zamalek match

Al-Ahly had achieved victory over Zedd in the match that was held yesterday in the postponements of the eighth week of the Premier League championship, and the team raised its score to 21 points out of a total of 10 matches it played in the league this season.

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