A track record for the England national team against Slovenia before Euro 2024. Infographic

The England national team has a proven record against its counterpart, the Slovenia national team, before the match that will bring them together this evening, Tuesday, in the framework of the European Nations Cup matches. Euro 2024.

The England national team will embark on a new adventure, at ten o’clock in the evening, Tuesday, when it plays against Slovenia, in the match that brings together the two teams at the Rheinenergy Stadium, within the matches of the third and final round of the group stage of the European Nations Cup, “Euro 2024”, held on German soil during… Current period.

The England national team has officially qualified for the knockout rounds of the European Nations Cup, “Euro 2024”, currently being held in… Germany It will continue until next July 14, taking advantage of Spain’s 1-0 victory against Albania yesterday in the third and final round of the group stage.

According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, the England national team is guaranteed to qualify for the next round of the Euro 2024 tournament after benefiting from Albania’s loss to Spain and being among the best three in the tournament, apart from the result of today’s match against Slovenia.

Hungary occupies third place in Group A with three points, while Croatia now occupies third place in Group B with two points, which means that England is certain that it will finish in the top four with at least four points, according to the current situation.

And topping England The third group has 4 points, while Denmark ranks second with two points, equally with Slovenia, while Serbia is at the bottom of the standings with one point.

The Three Lions’ impressive record against Slovenia ahead of Euro 2024 is as follows:

Matches: 6

Win: 5

Tie: 1

Loss: 0

Goals: 10

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