A wave of resignations within an “important unit” in the Israeli army

According to Israeli Channel 14: “A large number of officers announced their resignation from the unit responsible for the information system in Israeli army“.

Also among those who announced their retirement was a colonel Richard Hechtspokesman Israeli army For foreign media affairs.

The channel indicated that “Colonel Shlomit Miller Botbol, ​​who is considered the second-in-command in the Israeli army spokesman’s department after Hagari, has also submitted his resignation, in addition to a large number of responsible officers in the army’s information department.”

The Israeli channel added, “Moran Katz, head of the communications department in the Israeli army spokesman’s unit, will leave her job.”

The channel indicated that Mass resignations Resulting from the officers’ protest against the conduct of operational and personal matters, she explained that the resignations “reflect the state of turmoil” in the information unit he manages. Hagari.

It is noteworthy that this wave of resignations came in the wake of the publication Israel Broadcasting Authority An audio recording of two Israeli prisoners in the Gaza Strip moments before they were killed by soldiers Israeli army by mistake.

The war continues on Gaza strip On its 150th day, the bombing continues on several areas in the Gaza Strip, amid a famine that has become a reality.

Israeli military operations in the besieged Gaza Strip left more than 30,000 dead and more than 70,000 wounded, most of them women and children, while international mediators race against time to reach a ceasefire before the month of Ramadan.

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