Abbas Abu Al-Hassan’s lawyer accuses the medical center of negligence and causing…

01:45 PM

Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Written by: Saber Al-Mahlawi

In the investigations of the Public Prosecution with his client, the lawyer of the artist Abbas Abu Al-Hassan accused the medical center in Mohandessin, which received two victims of the traffic accident, of negligence and causing the death of the first victim.

The artist’s lawyer added before the Public Prosecution that the medical center insisted on the patient leaving to undergo some x-rays, which led to the deterioration of her health condition and caused her death.

In the same context, the Giza Public Prosecution set September 23 as the first session of the trial of artist Abbas Abu Al-Hassan, after he was charged with manslaughter and injury in a car accident in which his car collided with two women on the central axis road in October, which resulted in them sustaining serious injuries, and the death of one of them in a private hospital in Mohandessin due to the injury, before the Sheikh Zayed Misdemeanor Court.

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