Abdullah Al-Ruwaished in a wheelchair in the latest appearance from his medical trip to Germany | News

After an absence for months, Kuwaiti artist Abdullah Al-Ruwaished appeared to reassure the public about his health after a medical trip that began 5 months ago.

The et Arabic account posted on Instagram a video of Abdullah Al-Ruwaished with a group of his friends who visited him in Germany, where he is receiving treatment.

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Abdullah Al-Ruwaished appeared sitting in a wheelchair, smiling and listening to the words of his friends who spoke about him and that he was in good health, and they said: “Today, June 30, 2024, we are in a German city visiting our dear brother Abdullah Al-Ruwaished, and he is enjoying good health, and his family has not neglected us.” It took us on a journey.”

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Abdullah Al-Ruwaished in a wheelchair on his medical trip in Germany

Despite Abdullah Al-Ruwaished’s appearance and his appearance to his fans after an absence, his fans remained anxious, especially since he did not speak to them in the video.

Abdullah Al-Ruwaished in a wheelchair during his treatment trip to Germany

Abdullah Al-Ruwaished traveled to Germany last April to complete his treatment journey.

Abdullah Al-Ruwaished

Last February, Abdullah Al-Ruwaished suffered a health crisis, and press reports stated that he had suffered the beginning of a stroke, but it was dealt with.

Abdullah Al Rowaished

Abdullah Al-Ruwaished was scheduled to participate in concerts during the Riyadh Season, but they were canceled due to his health condition. At that time, Chancellor Turki Al-Sheikh announced the postponement of the concert, writing: “The (farewell) night concert for the late artist Abdul Karim Abdul Qader will be postponed, which was scheduled for the 23rd.” February 2024 at the Mohammed Abdo Arena Theater as part of the Riyadh season concerts until further notice. We wish the ambassador of the Gulf song a speedy recovery.

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