After his position on Israel… Biden praises Chuck Schumer’s speech

He said US President Joe Biden Today, Friday, Democratic Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer delivered a “good speech” yesterday, Thursday, in which he called for new elections in Israel, and directed strong criticism at Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, describing him as an obstacle to peace.

Biden answered reporters at the White House when asked about Schumer’s statements on the Senate floor yesterday: “He gave a good speech.”

Biden added: “He (Schumer) expressed serious concerns… that are shared by a large number of Americans,” noting that Schumer informed presidential staff about the speech earlier than he delivered it.

“Israel is a pariah”

Schumer had called in the US Senate on Thursday for action…New electionsIn Israel, considering that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu may make Israel a “pariah” in light of the war in Gaza.

Schumer said: “At this critical intersection, I believe that new elections are the only way to make way for a sound and open decision-making process regarding the future of Israel, at a time when many Israelis have lost confidence in their government’s vision and management,” considering that “a coalition led by Netanyahu no longer meets the needs of the government.” Israel after October 7th.

Schumer, the highest-ranking Jewish elected official in US history, added that Netanyahu has surrounded himself with right-wing extremists and “has shown great willingness to tolerate… Civilian casualties in Gaza“This is pushing support for Israel around the world to historic lows.”

He continued: “Israel cannot survive if it becomes a pariah.” Schumer also stated that Israel must make “major course corrections” to achieve lasting peace with the Palestinians.

Schumer pointed out that Israel’s rejection of the two-state solution is a “fatal mistake,” and he urged negotiators between Israel and Gaza to do everything possible to secure a ceasefire, release detainees, and deliver aid to the Gaza Strip.

He pointed out, “If the Netanyahu government continues in power after the war, America must… It works more effectively To achieve comprehensive peace.

Increasing pressure on Israel

The speech came amid growing dissatisfaction among Democrats in Congress and increased pressure from President Joe Biden on the Netanyahu government due to the high number of martyrs in Gaza.

For his part, Israeli opposition leader Yair Lapid considered that Netanyahu was causing Tel Aviv to lose its biggest supporter in the United States, in a post on the “X” platform, in response to the American senator’s criticism of the Israeli prime minister’s policy.

Lapid added, “Senator Chuck Schumer’s speech is evidence that Netanyahu is causing Israel to lose its biggest supporters in the United States one by one,” considering that “what is worse is that he is doing this intentionally.”

“Netanyahu is doing grave damage to the national effort to win the war (over the Gaza Strip) and preserve Israel’s security,” Lapid continued.

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