After his visit to America, Gantz puts Netanyahu and his government in an awkward position

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Thursday 07 March 2024

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Recently, the Israeli occupation government has witnessed a political competition between the Prime Minister of the occupation, Benjamin Netanyahu, and the minister in the war government, Benny Gantz, as the latter’s visit to the United States of America revealed the depth of the dispute between them.

The minister in the war cabinet went to Washington, to hold a series of meetings, last Monday and Tuesday, and to London on Wednesday. That visit angered Netanyahu, since it took place without coordination with him, which he considered an abuse of his position.

Gantz’s visit to Washington – the main supporter of Israel – shows that his confidence in Netanyahu has reached its lowest levels, and that his goal is to present himself as a potential prime minister in the future, according to what Yohanan Plessens, director of the Israel Democratic Institute, said.

He explained that the goal of the visit is to begin preparing for his exit from the government as well,” taking advantage of the growing concern shown by Washington regarding the course of the war in the Gaza Strip, as Gantz is a political opponent of Netanyahu, in addition to the fact that he is the one who manages relations with the United States. “Therefore, this visit is considered a kind of From an election campaign of some kind behind his back,” as the visit caused a huge uproar inside Israel.

In light of the visit, the leader of the centrist National Unity Party sparked the anger of ministers from the right-wing Likud Party led by Benjamin Netanyahu, in addition to the condemnation of Transportation Minister Miri Regev, who commented, saying, “He is acting behind the prime minister’s back,” describing this step as “sabotage.”

Last Monday, the Minister of the Mini War Council met in Washington with US Vice President Kamala Harris, expressing her “deep concern” about the humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip, which threatens 2.2 million people with famine, according to the United Nations.

This came in addition to Gantz’s meetings with National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, and Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

While Gantz also welcomed, last week, the reform of the military service system announced by Yoav Gallant to integrate ultra-Orthodox Jews who are exempt for religious reasons, which had the effect of a political bomb in Israel, as the media saw it as evidence of Gallant’s lack of confidence in Netanyahu, even though they are members of the same party. .

According to Yohanan Plessens, director of the Israeli Democratic Institute, Gallant’s proposal put the occupation prime minister in an awkward position, as at the same time the two main parties representing extremist Jews could topple his fragile coalition at any moment.

According to an opinion poll conducted by the Hebrew Channel 13, about 53% of Israelis believe that political survival is the motive behind Benjamin Netanyahu prolonging the war on Gaza, while 35% believe that Netanyahu is continuing the war for the purposes of “decisive victory.”

“In open conflict,” is how Reuven Hazan, a professor in the Department of Political Science at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, put it about the relationship between US President Joe Biden and Netanyahu. Washington urged the Israeli prime minister not to “continue in this manner of wholesale killing of civilians in Gaza without He has a plan to figure out what he wants to do after the war.

In the same context, the circle of disagreement is expanding between the United States and Netanyahu’s policy regarding dealing with the October 7 attack in determining the goals of the war, the severity and proportionality of the attacks, dealing with the issue of prisoners, ceasefires and truces, in addition to the general framework for governing Gaza after the war.

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