After Shimaa Seif announced that she underwent gastric sleeve surgery… Everything you want to know about the operation

Actress Shimaa Seif appeared to have lost a lot of weight, as she stated, “I had a gastric sleeve operation and made the decision even though I say, ‘Why should I go on a diet when I have macaroni with béchamel and chocolate in front of me?’ But I used to say that because my health was good, but suddenly and without warning my leg hurt and my knee couldn’t handle it and I had terrible pain. I called a doctor who told me we had to do a joint replacement immediately.” She continued, “I had depression and my eyes were tearing up from how upset I was and I went to another doctor who told me I needed to lose weight and Mai Kassab encouraged me and told me not to worry, Shimaa, and I actually took the step.” The statements came Shimaa Seif During the period before the decision to undergo surgery Gastric sleeve Which helped her lose 50 kilos of excess weight.

In the following lines, we will learn about Conditions for performing a sleeve gastrectomyAccording to a special statement from Dr. Mustafa Ibrahim, a surgical consultant at Ain Shams Faculty of Medicine, where he explains everything related to Gastric sleeve surgery.

At the beginning of his speech, he said that gastric sleeve surgery is one of the forms of Bariatric surgery Which aims to eliminate and get rid of excess weight, and therefore it is recommended for people who suffer from excessive obesity as a solution to obtain a slim body free of fat.

He added that in many cases, submission is Obese person for sleeve gastrectomy The solution, especially when exposed to health problems due to weight gain, such as joint and bone problems due to bearing excessive weight gain.

Being overweight also increases the risk of chronic diseases, andheart and blood vesselsThe accumulation of fat on the body’s organs increases this matter.

He pointed out that the sleeve gastrectomy is performed by removing 60 to 80% of the stomach’s volume, thus removing the part responsible for the feeling of hunger, which greatly helps in getting rid of excess weight quickly.

The surgical consultant confirmed that, undergoing a sleeve gastrectomy It is a good option to reduce the risks of diabetes, high blood pressure, and also cardiovascular problems, and reduces the feeling of shortness of breath, and is presented as a healthy method for people who have followed many diets without reaching the final solution and getting rid of excess weight.

The surgery consultant explained that there are complications and conditions for those who underwent gastric sleeve surgery, including:

– Vitamins must be taken in the first year after the operation to avoid losing them from the body. If they are not taken, the chances of developing anemia, weakness, and general weakness in the body increase.

Gastric sleeve problems may occur immediately after the operation, which is leakage of gastric juice into the protein membrane, and this may expose the person to complications, as it may increase the drop in blood circulation, or blood poisoning. Therefore, an X-ray must be performed a few hours after the operation to ensure that there is no leakage in the stomach.

Hair loss due to lack of nutrients.

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