After suffering from cancer, Kinda Alloush talks about supporting Mohamed Salah

Alloush explained in an interview with journalist Mona El-Shazly, published on YouTube, that: Mohamed Salah He called her husband, the Egyptian artist Amr Youssef, and expressed his support and support for her in the health ordeal she was going through.

The Syrian artist said that Salah expressed his desire to receive her at his home in London in order to monitor her health condition or to personally present her condition to specialist doctors.

Kinda added that Mohamed Salah said to her husband during the phone call, “I heard and he did not insult me, and I want to tell you that my house is there. Do you want to come and investigate in London, or do you want to send me the paper and I will take it to the doctors here, as I am ready for anything.”

Alloush confirmed that after the first call, Muhammad Saleh returned and contacted her again in order to check on her health condition and to express to her the extent of his appreciation and respect for her.

After a year and a half of disappearing from the limelight, the Syrian artist surprised her fans by announcing the news of her discovery of cancer after she felt pain after 9 months of breastfeeding her child. The examination revealed that she had cancer.breast cancer And they carry more than one Beth’s tumor.

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