After the video of her dancing at her graduation ceremony was circulated… Assiut student: “I am an opponent”

09:07 PM

Saturday, June 29, 2024

Assiut – Mahmoud Ajami:

Facebook users circulated a video clip of a student at the Faculty of Physical Education, Assiut University, dancing at her graduation ceremony.

The video caused a huge uproar, and the student was showered with congratulatory comments on her spontaneity and happiness with this achievement, while some criticized her behavior, considering it inappropriate for a graduation ceremony.

The video shows the student dancing to exciting music, surrounded by her classmates who shared her joy on this special day.

Student Samar Antar, a graduate of the Faculty of Physical Education at Assiut University, responded to the controversy surrounding the video of her dancing at the graduation ceremony, which sparked a wave of mixed comments between supporters and opponents.

Samar explained, in a video clip on her personal page on Facebook, that she did not mean to attract attention or “trend,” but rather she was expressing her joy at her graduation among her family and friends.

Samar confirmed that her dancing was normal, no different from dancing at any graduation or wedding ceremony, and that she “does not justify” her behavior, but rather shares her joy with everyone.

Samar also criticized those who exploited the video to attack her or her university, stressing that she will take the necessary legal measures against anyone who defames her or her university.

Samar sent a strong message to those who attacked her or her university, saying: “I am honored by my college and my doctors. Anyone who defames me will take legal action against him, and the people who suddenly became sheikhs and judged me are not the ones who will tell me what is forbidden and what is permissible. Everyone is focused on his life and enough talk.” Falsely, and I am an opponent of anyone who speaks about my honor and honour.”

In the same context, Assiut University announced that it is not responsible for any graduation parties or activities organized outside the university walls and without its approval. The university is only responsible for the graduation parties organized by the colleges within the university walls under the sponsorship and organization of the faculty members and employees of the Youth Care Administration.

The university explained in a statement issued on its official Facebook page that the university warns against any entities using the name of Assiut University in any parties or activities bearing the university’s name without written approval from the university. The university calls on its students not to be drawn into any parties and activities organized outside the university.

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