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Ahlam on Angham's reaction: My name is an honor

News facts: Emirati star Ahlam Al Shamsi broke her silence regarding the reaction of her Egyptian colleague Angham in a press conference on the sidelines of the “Mawazine Festival,” where a journalist called her “Ahlam” instead of her name.

The Gulf singer responded via her official account on the “X” website to a post that stated that the situation offended the media institution that the journalist represents.

Al Shamsi said: “With all due respect to you, I apologize for responding incorrectly?! My name is not an insult to anyone at all. I am Ahlam and she is Angham. A media person previously made a mistake with my name at a conference and called me by the name of another artist. I responded at the time that I am honored and that’s it.”

She added: “My name is not an insult, but rather an honor. What is certain is that a festival of the magnitude and value of ‘Mawazine’. Whoever invites a big name like Angham to participate in the nights will not intend to insult her, and our letters are close to each other. I repeat, my name is not an insult to any artist. Dreams of Sawt Al Khaleej is an honorable name.”

Angham expressed her dissatisfaction after the mistake in calling her.

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