Ahmed Afifi makes exciting statements The issue of the century is settled, and Al-Ahly is a red line

Publication date: 06/23/2024

3 hours ago

Ahmed Afifi, a sports analyst and member of the Zamalek club, spoke about some issues related to Egyptian football, especially Zamalek and Al-Ahly, in a debate in front of Sayed Abdel Hafeez, the former football director at the Red Castle.

The Corapia website reveals Ahmed Afifi’s most prominent statements during the debate, which were as follows:

“We are the only league that is being played now. Everyone is enjoying the Euro and we are watching the Al-Ahly, Al-Dakhiliya, Zamalek and Pharco matches.”

“When Al-Ahly lost the African final to Esperance, there was a state of tension among the fans, and therefore intervention was made and the postponements were arranged, starting with the easiest, and postponing the most difficult until after January.”

“Is it reasonable that Hassan Hamdy, the president of Al-Ahly Club, is the same as the president of Al-Ahram Agency, which controls the advertising market, the most important source of income for the clubs?”

“Al-Ahly is solid and strong because it has been given all the rights to control its destiny in Egyptian football. Any club that is given the same rights will have the same success.”

“Is it possible for Zamalek to win 9 championships, including 4 in the strongest continental championship, and Al-Ahly 7, including only 2 in the strongest, and Al-Ahly will be the club of the century?”

“Rida Abdel-Al is the best player who moved from Zamalek to Al-Ahly. He was the best player in Egypt at the time.”

The tension of Al-Ahly fans is a red line and is always something that requires intervention.. Why? I don’t know! Sayed Abdel Hafeez responds

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