Al-Habib Ali Al-Jifri congratulates Dr. Osama Al-Azhari on assuming the position of Minister of Endowments

The great preacher Habib bin Ali Al-Jifri congratulated Dr. Osama Al-Azhari Minister of Endowments, to assume the position within Ministerial change The last one, saying: I ask God to help my brother, the scholar and hadith scholar Sheikh Osama Al-Azhari, to carry out the trust of conveying the word of truth with wisdom and good advice, and to support him with the soldiers of divine success, and to provide him with the support of the prophetic guidance, and to inspire him with what pleases Him in intentions, words, actions and decisions, and to benefit the country and its people through him and his knowledge.

he Osama Al Sayed Mahmoud Muhammad Al-Azhari was born in Alexandria on Friday, Rajab 18, 1396 AH – July 16, 1976 AD. He grew up in Sohag, Upper Egypt, and his father blessed his desire to memorize the Holy Quran.

His education was not limited to what he received during his official academic studies at Al-Azhar, but rather he sought religious sciences and others through the company and companionship of the people of every science from the specialists of the great ones. Al-Azhar scholars Al-Sharif Al-Ma’mur, then a number of the greatest scholars of the Levant, Yemen, and the Maghreb. He mentioned a number of them in some of his books, such as the Dictionary of Sheikhs, the Chains of Transmission of Egyptians, and others.

He grew up in Upper Egypt, known for its conservative traditions and the large number of people who have memorized the Holy Qur’an there, with an authentic scientific atmosphere that is deeply rooted in Islamic history, in addition to the availability of formal and informal Al-Azhar education, and the great love and appreciation that the people of this region have for scholars, especially those from Al-Azhar.

There, his father made sure that he memorized the Holy Quran and joined the classes. Al-Azhar studyHe was encouraged by what he saw in him of readiness to receive, his eagerness to study and read, his passion for knowledge and scholars, looking into their lives and studying their biographies, and his reluctance to waste his time on what his peers were accustomed to doing of playing and having fun, despite his frequent travels to nearby and distant villages, seeking to sit with scholars and those with various scientific interests. His father – may God have mercy on him – often prayed for him that God would grant him knowledge.

He obtained a PhD from the Faculty of Fundamentals of Religion with first class honors, with a recommendation for printing and circulation in 2011.

He obtained a higher degree (Bachelor’s) from the Faculty of Fundamentals of Religion and Islamic Propagation at Al-Azhar University in 1999 AD.

Obtained: Master’s degree in Hadith and its Sciences from the College of Fundamentals of Religion and Islamic Propagation in 2005 AD.

He worked as a teaching assistant in the Department of Hadith at the Faculty of Fundamentals of Religion and Islamic Propagation in Assiut in 2000 AD, then as an assistant teacher at the same faculty in 2005 AD.

He worked as an assistant teacher at the Faculty of Fundamentals of Religion and Islamic Propagation in Zagazig. He studied a number of Islamic sciences and others independently with a number of senior scholars specialized in the sciences of: Hadith, interpretation, principles of jurisprudence, logic, grammar, creed, and others. He obtained a license from more than three hundred scholars with chains of transmission, from different Islamic countries. He was honored to accompany and accompany a number of scholars of the venerable Al-Azhar Al-Sharif, then a number of senior scholars from the Levant, Yemen, and the Maghreb.

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