Al-Mokawloon ends the sorrows of Pyramids in preparation for the National Bank in the league

Close the technical staff For Arab Contractors Led by Motamed Jamal, the page of defeat in front of Pyramids In the last round of the league, which the Mountain Wolves lost by three goals to one, in preparation for the next match against the National Bank.

And getting ready Contractors Al-Arab will face Al-Ahly Bank at 4:00 pm next Friday, during the match that brings together the two teams at Othman Ahmed Othman Stadium in Al-Jabal Al-Akhdar, as part of the 28th round of the league competition.

The first-leg match between the two teams in the first round of the league ended with Al-Ahly Bank winning by three goals to one.

The Arab Contractors settled in 17th and penultimate place in the local competition table with 19 points, after the team played 25 matches, where the Contractors won only 4 matches, tied in 7 matches and lost 14 other matches, and Al-Mokawloon players scored 23 goals and conceded 40.

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