Al-Riyadh newspaper | The Mawhiba Enrichment Program at King Saud University launches… Sunday

With the participation of 798 students

The Mawhiba Enrichment Program at King Saud University launches… Sunday

Dr. Abdullah Al-Salman

Under the patronage of the Acting President of King Saud University, Professor Dr. Abdullah bin Salman Al-Salman, the activities of the Mawhiba Academic and International Enrichment Program 2024 will begin next Sunday, 12/24/1445 AH, corresponding to 6/30/2024 AD, with the participation of 798 middle and high school students, and it will continue for three weeks.

The Dean of the Deanship of Student Affairs at King Saud University, Professor Dr. Ali Al-Dalbahi, stated that the partnership between the university and the King Abdulaziz and His Companions Foundation for Giftedness and Creativity “Mawhiba” reflects the university’s commitment to supporting and developing young talents and investing in them towards a bright future, by providing specialized educational programs, workshops, and opportunities. Advanced training, which contributes to empowering talented students to develop their abilities to be future leaders, stressing that this partnership comes within a series of initiatives through which the university seeks to achieve its vision of being a leader in supporting innovation and creativity at the local and international levels.

For his part, the head of the Mawhiba Academic Enrichment Program 2024 for students at King Saud University, Dr. Talal Al-Huzaimi, stated that the Mawhiba Academic Enrichment Program aims to enrich knowledge, raise competence and readiness, and build scientific and practical experiences for gifted students according to international methodologies that challenge their abilities, develop their skills, and provide them with appropriate support to develop and refine them. His Excellency stressed that this enrichment program contributes to providing national workers that cover development needs and are among the distinguished, highly qualified cadres in the local and global labor market in order to achieve Saudi Vision 2030.

The head of the program explained that students will receive many sciences and knowledge provided by a group of distinguished academic competencies at King Saud University through two basic tracks, the first: the enrichment scientific training track, which includes nine enrichment units: the anatomy and physiology unit, the biomedical sciences unit, and the cybersecurity unit. The Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Unit, the Digital Forensic Investigation Unit, the Architecture and Creative Design Unit, the Renewable Energy Unit, the Electrical Engineering Unit, and the Mechanical Engineering Unit. The second: The path of developing personal and social skills through two skills: overcoming challenges, ethical thinking and personal skills.

In turn, His Excellency the Scientific Representative of the Mawhiba International Enrichment Program, Dr. Muhammad Al-Nawaihi, explained that the students will receive, over a period of three weeks, training at the hands of international specialists, as there are eleven research units in various fields, including the fields of medicine, surgery, computer science, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, mechanical engineering, and architecture. Space engineering, future engineering, and others.

For her part, Her Excellency the Head of the Academic Program in the Female Students Department, Dr. Mona Al-Wahaibi, stated that the number of female students reached 340 students participating in eleven units distributed over thirteen divisions, including health and environmental, information security, as well as architecture and creative design, in addition to the path of personal and social skills development, stressing However, the university is working to employ technology to improve educational processes and provide innovative educational experiences to prepare a promising generation with the capabilities and skills necessary to positively impact society and the world.

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