Amal Hegazy celebrates taking off the hijab…and a Lebanese newspaper reveals a surprise (p

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Thursday, February 29, 2024

Books – Marwan Al-Tayeb:

Social media pioneers circulated a video clip in which the Lebanese singer and model, Amal Hijazi, appeared celebrating the removal of the hijab in a store.

“Amal” appeared in the video singing her famous song “From the Time Before”, amid mixed opinions among her fans and followers.

The artist, Amal Hegazy, expressed her happiness at wearing the hijab in July 2020 and published a picture in front of the Holy Kaaba, and commented: “At this time and this night two years ago, I made the decision to wear the hijab, and since that time I have been living an indescribable inner happiness with the proximity of God, praise be to God.” For this blessing.”

She also revealed at the beginning of 2023 that she had been exposed to an accident, which she described as severe, through her official account on “Instagram” and published pictures of x-rays showing that she had more than one fracture in her foot, and she wrote: “Amal” I had a severe accident, may God be kind to me, I have more than one fracture in my leg. As you can see, skewers and screws were put in from the inside and the back was injured. Thank God for everything. What I wanted to say is that if a person is in full health and able to stand and sit, this is the greatest blessing that we will never forget and remember when we lose it.”

The Lebanese magazine “Al Jaras” re-published the video clip on its official account on the “X” application and commented: “She is honesty, the friend Amal Hijazi gave up the hijab a year ago and she asked us not to announce before she announced and we adhered to her request.”

The last thing that the artist Amal Hegazy published were photos and video clips on her official Instagram account, during which she continued to support the cause and the Palestinian people against the violations of the Zionist entity, amid Western media silence and American support.

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