“Aman Lake” signs a cooperation protocol with Banque Misr to serve small enterprise clients

Banque Misr recently signed a cooperation protocol with “Aman Lake”, one of the emerging companies in the field of insurance brokerage, participating in the “Taqdeer” program, the bank’s growth accelerator program for emerging companies, to provide its services to its clients from the small and medium enterprises sector, who have obtained credit facilities, from Through the bank’s digital loan product “Express”, to provide exclusive discounts on health insurance through the company.

The importance of cooperation between Aman Lake and Banque Misr

The protocol was signed by Amr Demerdash, Head of the Small and Medium Enterprises and Microfinance Sector at Banque Misr, with Mohab Abu Aita, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Aman Lake Insurance Brokerage Company, in the presence of a group of bank and company leaders.

This protocol is a continuation of Aman Lake Insurance Brokerage Company’s agreements with distinguished institutions from other sectors to achieve the company’s strategy of providing its digital insurance services to the small and medium enterprise sectors in the Egyptian market and providing their own insurance solutions with competitive programs and distinctive services, such as Aman Lake’s digital platform for managing insurance documents for clients. .

It is worth noting that “Aman Lake” is one of the emerging companies in the field of insurance brokerage that provides insurance services in a seamless digital manner to customers, which enhances “Aman Lake” company’s ability to add more insurance solutions.

The company has joined the “Taqadir” program, the Bank of Egypt’s startup growth accelerator program, which is a program designed to accelerate the growth of startup companies, over a period of six months. The program provides a wide range of technical and financial support services along with many strategic advantages, including access to… To a customer base of more than 15 million people covering all categories, communicating with specialized experts and benefiting from strategic partnerships in all sectors, in addition to continuing support and growth opportunities for all companies graduating from the program.

Amr Demerdash, Head of the Small and Medium Enterprises and Microfinance Sector at Banque Misr, indicated that Banque Misr’s signing of this protocol comes within the framework of its strategy aimed at supporting and developing small and microenterprises, and based on its role as one of the leading institutions in the field of small and microenterprises, where the Bank is keen We always insist on entering into initiatives and protocols that provide technical, financial, and non-financial consulting services to clients of the small and micro enterprise sector, out of our belief that these projects are the engine and pillar of economic growth.

Mohamed Al-Sabban, Head of the Innovation and Strategic Projects Sector at Banque Misr, stressed his bank’s pioneering role in supporting startups in Egypt and the importance of the “Taqdeer” program, the bank’s startup growth accelerator, in providing integrated and innovative solutions to our customers, and providing unprecedented opportunities for startups participating in the program. By providing an integrated set of technical and investment support programs, and providing opportunities for joint manufacturing of products in various sectors within Banque Misr.

Mohab Abu Aita, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Aman Lake Insurance Brokerage Company, pointed out that the company’s cooperation with Banque Misr to provide insurance coverage services to its clients from small and medium companies with an easy digital experience; It works to increase insurance awareness, and supports the company’s direction to serve this broad sector of the economy to achieve sustainable growth by obtaining appropriate insurance solutions that work to protect the businesses and individuals of these companies from various risks, “Aman Lake” and the company’s application to serve corporate clients.

Banque Misr opens a number of business development service centers

Banque Misr has opened a number of business development service centers, with the aim of supporting entrepreneurs, unleashing the potential of youth, increasing the number of small and medium enterprises, and encouraging emerging and existing companies in the targeted economic sectors. To enhance the local product through a national industry that has the ability to compete and conquer new markets internationally.

Banque Misr always seeks to enhance the excellence of its services, maintain its long-term success, and actively participate in services that meet the needs of its customers, as the values ​​and strategies of its work always reflect its commitment to the sustainable development and prosperity of Egypt.

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