Amid talk of his possible withdrawal… Biden’s alternatives and the Democrats’ chances

The Republican candidate Donald Trump Until recently, his candidacy was at stake due to legal proceedings that ended the controversy over it. US Supreme Court A few days ago. As for the current president and Democratic candidate Joe Biden So far, there is a wide and escalating controversy about the possibility of his candidacy due to his health condition. So who will decide this controversy about Biden’s stay or withdrawal?

The White House said that President Biden He will continue his election campaign, the spokeswoman said. White House Karen Jean-Pierre said that the idea of ​​Biden resigning if he did not continue his election campaign was not discussed.

The New York Times reported that Biden told a close associate that he realized he might not be able to save his nomination if he could not convince the public in the coming days that he was qualified for the position.

The newspaper said that Biden knows that his next appearance must be successful, including the television interview as well as the visits he will make as part of his campaigns in several American cities and states. The New York Times quoted a source close to Biden as saying that if his poor performance is repeated, the situation will be different by the end of this week. Informed sources in President Biden’s election campaign revealed that Vice President Kamala Harris is his first alternative if she decides to step down from the presidential race. The sources added that Harris has a good reputation compared to the alternatives on the table and enjoys the highest percentage of support in opinion polls among Democrats.

Democratic Party strategist Ellis Hennikan, speaking to Sky News Arabia’s newsroom, explains that the decision to withdraw or continue is ultimately up to President Joe Biden. However, all Democratic members, from New York to Los Angeles They have their own opinions on the subject, and many of them express dissatisfaction with the current situation.

  • Biden is facing great pressure from all sides, but in the end the decision remains his own.
  • Politics is very complex and difficult to predict accurately.
  • This week has been a very challenging one for President Joe Biden, and both Trump and Biden are likely to face challenging and uplifting times for each of them in the coming period.
  • Biden has proven himself remarkably competent as president, even as public opinion of his policies has been divided.
  • All of the people mentioned have both positive and negative points. One of them is Kamala Harris, who may not be very popular, but she is still acceptable, average, and not necessarily bad.
  • The current state of the Democrats is not at its best. If Joe Biden had not shown such weakness in the debate, questions about his mental abilities would not have been raised.
  • May be the president Donald Trump He is at risk of going to prison due to his involvement in controversial cases, and he is an unpopular figure among many Americans. In the end, voters have to choose between two imperfect candidates.

For his part, former diplomat Ambassador Masoud Maalouf says that President Biden He has absolute power over his actions and destiny, despite conflicting reports from individuals who claim to have spoken with him.

  • Some claim that President Biden will postpone his decision until the end of this week after his campaign visits to Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, while others assert that Biden is determined to fight the election battle to the end and will not back down.
  • If President Biden does not voluntarily concede the nomination, it could pose a major challenge to the Democratic Party, which will hold its convention to determine its official nominee on the nineteenth of next month in Chicago.
  • President Biden has the support of about 4,000 pledged delegates who will vote exclusively for him unless he drops out of the race. This complicates the situation within the party, where there is a strong current calling for him to step down and another that supports him despite his obvious challenges.
  • This presidential election is expected to be different from previous ones if President Biden continues in the race, as the focus will not be on each candidate’s electoral program as much as it will be on their personality.
  • President Trump has been highlighting President Biden’s character and mental and physical health, with campaigns focusing on his gaffes and behavior, not only during the debates but also over the past few months.
  • There are growing calls from prominent figures within the Democratic Party for an alternative candidate to stand up to President Trump. The Democratic Party’s concern is due not only to fears of losing control of the White House, but also to the major changes that could occur in the United States if President Trump returns to power.
  • President Barack Obama is ineligible to run for re-election under the Constitution after completing two terms in office.
  • The names being circulated include current Vice President Kamala Harris, along with others with positive attributes. While most are well-known in their states, their national influence remains limited.
  • Whether or not President Biden continues in office, Kamala Harris remains the frontrunner, given her experience as vice president for the past three and a half years.
  • Kamala Harris’s deep knowledge of the White House and the issues the president is dealing with will enable her to continue to build and advance Biden’s platform, including building on the accomplishments he has already made and the accomplishments he would seek to achieve if he decided to continue his campaign.
  • The current state of the Democratic Party is in President Trump’s favor.
  • Kamala Harris has not gained enough popularity within the United States. However, she has time to increase her presence by increasing her speeches and visits to various states; especially if President Biden decides to withdraw.
  • There are a number of states that are considered a foregone conclusion in favor of President Trump and the Republican Party, and several other states that are guaranteed to President Biden if he continues to run.
  • There are seven states that are classified as “swing states.” These states could have remained supportive of President Biden and helped him get reelected and into the White House, as happened in 2020, but his unconditional and absolute support for Israel in its conflict with Palestinian women and children in Gaza has sparked controversy and affected his positions there.

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