Amos Luzon was revealed: you won’t believe how much his son’s multi-million dollar wedding cost

Amos Luzon (Shutterstock photo, Tomer Rotenberg)

Last weekend, businessman and real estate developer Amos Luzon betrothed his son, soccer player Omri Luzon, to his partner for the past few years, Ma’ayan Bashi. The event took place in Hangar 1 in the exhibition grounds, when many celebrities were present who came to express their blessing, among them : Omer Adam (whose stylist is none other than Or Luzon, Omari’s sister), Odia, Natan Goshen and more.

Today (Sunday) after the madness has died down a little, we can tell you a number of particularly intriguing details about the million dollar wedding of Amos Luzon’s son. According to a report in “Leisure Plus”, the cost of the huge wedding is estimated at a huge amount of NIS 5 million.

So what did Luzon spend so much money on? Well, according to the report, at the event, which was attended by about 1,200 guests, there were no less than 3,000 hydrangeas, 1,000 orchids of various types, 6,000 candles, 500 staff members and more. By the way, the person who introduced the couple to the canopy is none other than the singer Natan Goshen, who later collaborated with Yishai Rivo for a moving song. In addition, Odia sang the first slow song, when she was later joined in the performances by Omer Adam, Lior Narkis and Sherk.

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