An embarrassing situation for Angham and Ahlam responds: “My name is not an insult, my name is an honor”

03:21 PM

Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Written by: Nouran Osama:

Social media pioneers circulated a video clip of a reporter who mistook the name of the artist Angham for the artist Ahlam Al Shamsi

Ahlam re-published the video on her account on the “X” website: “And she wrote: “With all due respect to you, I apologize for your response. My name is not offensive to anyone at all. I am Ahlam and she is Angham. Previously, at one of the conferences, a media person made a mistake in my name with a second artist, and I responded with honor and a point.” .

She continued: “My name is not an insult, my name is an honor, and it is certainly a festival with the same value and value as Mawazine. Whoever invites a big name like Angham to participate in the nights will not intend to insult her, and our letters are close to each other, and I repeat, my name is not an insult to any artist, whoever he may be, Dreams of Voice of the Gulf, an honorable name.”

It is noteworthy that the artist Ahlam performed a concert at the end of the Laylat Omar festival held in the State of Kuwait, and sang with a band that included 65 of the most important musicians led by Amir Abdel Majeed, after an absence from concerts there for 7 years.

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