“An order to delay departure from the country for all my six children”: Gal Rubin’s drama in Israel

Gal Rubin fulfilled an old and big dream of hers today (Monday) when she flew her six children abroad for the first time, but even before she breathed the smell of freedom at Duty Free, she went through real drama and nerve-racking moments when she discovered that her six children could not leave the country due to an exit delay order issued to them As part of the legal battle that Robin is waging with her ex-wife Daniel.

“I wanted a minute to tell you that I arrived here as a divorced single mother, I don’t know what went through my mind that I didn’t check that I could indeed leave the country with the children,” said Robin as she was already sitting on one of the chairs in the duty free complex. “Then I got here and there was an order to delay leaving the country for all six of my children and my whole world was destroyed. We went to the Ministry of the Interior inside the airport, and now they want a court approval, and an original court approval and I say ‘What am I doing?!’ My anxiety level reached per million”, she shared.

“My anxiety level reached a million.” Gal Robin, Photography: Shay Franco

Later, she told about the request for help from the divorced man, despite the shaky relationship. “I called my ex-husband, we’re not on the best terms. Wars, courts. Maybe this will be a gateway to domestic peace amid the divorce,” she hoped. “He immediately jumped into the task and went to the court and canceled the order to delay leaving the country at half past eight in the morning, and sent me the permits. All the stress exploded. Kudos to my divorced Daniel who went and assisted in this event because I don’t know how it would have ended.”

“And now all the kids in Duty Free are wasting their pocket money and I’m starting to get excited, the hard part is behind us,” she concluded. “It didn’t go that smoothly. I was here in a crazy panic attack and I just breathed until it passed, and that’s behind us.”

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