An unprecedented decision by “Kohler” before the match against Tala’ea El-Geish

Sunday, 07-07-2024
12:50 AM

Swiss Marcel studies CoolerAl-Ahly first team coach, implementing the rotation policy in goalkeeping during the match Army VanguardWithin the matches of the 30th round of the league competition, scheduled for tomorrow evening, Monday..

Former Egyptian football star Ahmed Hassan wrote on his Facebook account: “Source: Cooler Studying the application of the rotation policy between El-Shenawy and Shobier in front of Army Vanguard

The first football team of Al-Ahly Club will resume its training tomorrow, Sunday, in preparation for the match. Army Vanguard
Scheduled for the day after tomorrow, Monday, where he was granted Cooler Al-Ahly players have a negative rest from training today and yesterday after playing the match against Al-Dakhiliya the day before yesterday

Al-Ahly club is preparing to face its rival team Army VanguardNext Monday, July 8, at Cairo International Stadium, as part of the 30th round of the Egyptian Premier League..

Al-Ahly match dateArmy Vanguard

The match between Al-Ahly andArmy Vanguard At seven in the evening the day after tomorrow, Monday, at Cairo International Stadium, and broadcast on ON Time Sports channel, the exclusive broadcaster of the Egyptian Premier League matches..

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