Anas Bukhash to “Her Excellency”: Every person in the world loves to talk, and I am interested in the curiosity of life

Journalist Anas Bukhash confirmed that he is not a mysterious person as he is rumored to be, saying: “There are people who see me as mysterious, and perhaps because we are accustomed to the fact that in the world of social media, people show everything, and I am on my program, I ask, I do not answer, and I am at peace with myself, and I am not mysterious and I do not donate information, but if Someone asked me something, I would answer.”

Anas Bukhash explained, during his interview with the program “Her Excellency”, with the media personality, Isaad Younis, on the DMC channel, that every person in the world wants to disclose, but with a specific person, not any person, adding: “A person does not disclose to anyone.”

He continued: “I acquired the issue of listening because I was not listening, and at the beginning of my program I was interrupting and I kept in mind that I would be one of the most listening people in the world, and my mother was listening to me, and when she listens, she can hear something new, and I do not care what people say, and whoever does not want to say, do not say it, but I do care about curiosity.” Life and experience.

Anas Bukhash pointed out that he has more than 200 episodes, and it is difficult to determine the most famous or most influential episodes, continuing: “If I say one episode is the most important, it is difficult, and there were guests who had the courage and boldness to tell secrets, laugh, and cry, but among the most important episodes, the first episodes were with… “The mother.”

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