Andrew Miller’s resignation… The circle of objection to the Gaza war in the Biden administration is growing

Growing frustration and protests reached the administration US President Joe Biden Because of his broad and unconditional support for the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip, even within the narrow circle of his special team in the US State Department.

Andrew Miller, the last and highest-ranking resigner, resigned in protest against his country’s administration’s policy toward the war on Gaza, according to American media.

The Washington Post said that Miller told his colleagues that he decided to leave his job because of family matters, and that the war on Gaza that had been going on for more than eight months had made him rarely see his family. But American officials close to Miller confirmed that he resigned because of his constant warning against the “bear hug” policy.

The bear hug is a political term that was used in the US State Department, in reference to Biden’s embrace of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during his visit to Tel Aviv, shortly after the “Al-Aqsa Flood” operation and the start of the attack. The war on Gaza.

Consecutive resignations

An American official close to Andrew Miller said that he realized the dangers of Biden’s policy towards Israel, and he believed that the United States could influence Israel, as its largest military, economic and political supporter, more effectively.

He also reported that Miller was constantly urging the United States to support Palestinian rights and establish a Palestinian state.

Miller’s resignation was not the first within the US administration. He was preceded by Officer Harrison Mann from the Pentagon’s Defense Intelligence Agency, the Arabic-speaking spokeswoman for the US State Department, Hala Harriet, Anil Shellen from the State Department’s Human Rights Office, and former director of the Department’s Office of Political-Military Affairs, Josh Powell, US State Department official Stacy Gilbert and others.

White House collusion

Social media users reacted to the resignation of the American official.

Dr. Kalam, a human rights activist, said: “Yes, people of conscience cannot remain silent Blind American support for Israel“.

As for lawyer and former UN official Craig Mokhbar, he wrote: “A message to any conscientious person still serving in the United States government: The United States is complicit in war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide in Palestine. Now, you know that you cannot change this from Inside”.

He continued by saying: “If you stay, your legacy will be forever stained by these atrocities. But if you resign and speak out, you can have a positive impact and people will remember you as a person of principle. Time is running out. History is watching. Get down. Speak up for human rights.”

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