Argentina snatches victory over Chile with a clean goal in the Copa America

Selected kidnapping Argentina Victory over its Chilean counterpart with a clean goal in the match that brought them together today in the second round of the group stage of the tournament Copa America 2024 At MetLife Stadium in the United States of America.

The match came quickly from both teams, especially in the second half, as desired Argentina national team In reaching point 6 and securing qualification early, while the Chilean team is trying to win in order to compete for the qualification card, especially since the Chilean team achieved a draw in the first match against Peru.
The two teams exchanged attacks, and the goalkeeping duo of Martinez in Argentina and Bravo in Chile excelled, and when the match was heading for a goalless draw, Argentine substitute striker Lautaro Martinez appeared to score the winning goal and snatch the three points of the match and the ticket to qualify for the round of 16 in the 88th minute of the match, declaring Argentina’s victory. .
With this result, Argentina tops Group 1 with 6 points, as follows: Chilean national team In third place with one point, equal to Peru, which suffered a loss to Canada With a clean goal too.

The Argentine national team started the match with a formation consisting of:

Goalkeeper: Emiliano Martinez.

Defense: Molina – Cristian Romero – Lisandro Martinez – Tagliafico.

Midfield: Gonzalez-De Paul-Enzo Fernandez-McAllister.

Attack: Lionel Messi – Julian Alvarez.

As for Chile’s formation, it is as follows:

Goalkeeper: Claudio Bravo.

Defense: Mauricio Isla – Igor Lechnovsky – Paulo Diaz – Suazo Gabriel Alonso.

Midfield: Eric Pulgar – Rodrigo Echeverría.

In front of them: Victor Davila – Alexis Sanchez – Dario Osorio.

Attack: Eduardo Vargas.

Chile vs Argentina

He was Argentina national team He started his career in Copa America Championship By achieving a victory with two unanswered goals in the opening match against Canada in the match that was held at Mercedes-Benz Stadium, on the other hand, Chile tied in the first round against Peru.

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