Argentina vs Peru | Lionel Messi was absent.. Lautaro Martinez shone and outperformed Maradona!

Some expected that the Argentine national team without Lionel Messi would suffer a lot and would not be able to win matches easily, but the opposite happened in the confrontation with Peru, which was held at dawn on Sunday.

Argentina succeeded in defeating Peru with a brace scored by Lautaro Martinez, in the match that was held in the second round of the group stage of the Copa America.

The Argentine national team secured the top spot in its group with a full score, after winning all its matches against Canada, Chile and Peru.

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Lautaro, you have nothing to fear

Despite concerns about Messi’s absence, Lautaro Martinez managed to eliminate those concerns brilliantly, when he scored both goals in the victory.

Martinez cooperated more than perfectly with his fellow players, whether Alejandro Garanacho or Angel Di Maria, which contributed greatly to covering Messi’s absence in that confrontation.

The Argentine national team stars proved that they are capable of facing any opponent, after the wonderful level they showed against Peru, in terms of control, possession and creating opportunities despite the absence of their first star, Messi.

It seems that Messi’s absence had a negative impact on the performance of the Peruvian players, who showed a lackluster performance. Perhaps their most notable chance came in the 89th minute through Franco Zanplato, who played a header that hit the post and turned into a corner.

Perhaps the most prominent moment in the match was Lautaro hugging Messi after scoring the goal, as Martinez said: “I hugged him because he is everything to us.”

Martinez surpassed Maradona

The Argentine national team has scored 5 goals so far in the Copa America Championship, including 4 goals scored by Lautaro Martinez, a special number for the Tango striker.

Martinez made history, after he succeeded in surpassing the number of goals of the legend Diego Maradona by scoring 17 goals, while Maradona’s goals are 15, making him equal with Di Maria on the list topped by Messi with 57 goals.

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