Artificial Intelligence Predicts Donald Trump’s Victory in US Elections

Midjourney, a popular image generation company, works withartificial intelligenceto create images forDonald Trump And Joe Biden despite saying she would block users from doing so before US Presidential Election Next, according to Engadget, when asked to create an image of the “President of the United States,” Midjourney generated four images in different styles of former President Donald Trump, and when asked to create an image of the “next President of the United States,” the tool produced four images of Trump as well.


When asked to Midjourney Creating an image of “the current President of the United States,” the service produced three images of Trump and one of former President Barack Obama. The only time Midjourney refused to create an image of Trump or Biden was when it was explicitly asked to do so. In that case, the service said, “The Midjourney community voted to prevent the use of ‘Donald Trump’ and ‘Joe Biden’ during the election season. Other users on X were able to get Midjourney to create images of Trump as well.”

Tests show that the guardrails Midjourney uses to prevent users from creating images of Trump and Biden ahead of the upcoming US presidential election aren’t enough — in fact, they’re so easy for people to get around them that other chatbots, like ChatGPT From OpenAI, Microsoft’s Copilot, Google’s Gemini, and Meta AI, to create images of Trump or Biden despite multiple claims.

Earlier this year, a coalition of 20 tech companies including OpenAI, Google, Meta, Amazon, Adobe, and X signed an agreement to help prevent fraud in the 2024 elections around the world by preventing their services from creating images and other media that could influence voters, and Midjourney was absent from that list.

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