Associated Press: US Supreme Court ruling is a strong victory for Trump, delaying his trial until after the elections

The Associated Press said that the ruling US Supreme CourtYesterday, Monday, in the case of Donald Trump’s interference Trump In the 2020 election, it makes it all but certain that the Republican candidate will not face trial in Washington before the November election.

Although the court did not, as Trump wanted, dismiss the indictment alleging that the former president illegally planned to cling to power after losing Elections ahead of BidenHowever, the ruling remains a strong victory for the presumptive Republican nominee. US Presidential Electionwhose legal strategy has focused on postponing proceedings until after the elections.

The agency went on to say that the timing of the trial is important because if Trump defeats Biden, he could appoint a prosecutor who would seek to dismiss the case and other federal prosecutions facing the former president, or perhaps issue a Trump Excuse himself.

Trump commented on the decision on social media platforms, saying that it was a great victory for the constitution and democracy, stressing that he was proud to be an American.

The conservative majority of the US Supreme Court has said that former presidents enjoy absolute immunity from prosecution for official acts they performed that fall within the scope of constitutional authority, and are supposed to enjoy immunity for all official actions, but not for unofficial or private acts.

The ruling means that Special Counsel Jack Smith cannot proceed with key allegations in the indictment against Trumpor at least he must defend its use in any future proceedings before the trial judge.

For example, the Supreme Court struck down Smith’s use of allegations that Trump tried to use the Justice Department’s investigative authority to overturn the election results, and held that his communications with department officials were protected from prosecution.

And the return of judges US Supreme Court The court turned to District Judge Tanya Chokan, who must carefully analyze whether there are other allegations of official conduct for which the president has immunity from prosecution.

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