Atheeb Communications signs a memorandum of understanding with Aramco Digital to cooperate in fifth generation technologies

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Company signed Etihad Atheeb Telecommunications – Qu GOdated March 5, 2024, a memorandum of understanding with Aramco Digital Company for cooperation in fifth generation technologies.

The company said in a statement on Tadawul that the memorandum of understanding aims to cooperate in open radio access network technologies (ORAN) for fifth generation (5G) services, and cooperation in the field of private 5G networks for smart industrial solutions applications.

She indicated that the duration of the memorandum is 3 years from the date of signing the memorandum, and that there are no related parties in the memorandum.

She stated that it is not possible to determine or evaluate the financial impact of the memorandum at this stage, and the latest developments and updates regarding the memorandum will be announced in due course.

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