Audi’s focus on the 2026 season is not the reason for the team’s current struggles

Sauber denied that the current lack of performance was linked to new owner Audi focusing all its efforts towards the new era of the championship.

Sauber is the only team that has not scored points so far this season, as a result of its stumble in aspects such as pit stops and other reliability problems at the beginning of the year, and even after it was able to address the pit stop problems, the Swiss team was late in the development race within the midfield teams. He is now the owner of the slowest car in recent races.

With great efforts directed towards the next era in the championship and the arrival of Audi as a factory team, team representative Alessandro Alloni Bravi stated that short-term performance does not conflict with long-term ambitions.

He said: “I think it is a mistake to confuse the two matters. I do not see that the preparation of the Audi factory team affects the current two seasons, and it should not do so.”

He added: “I see that we have weaknesses that we are trying to address. Andreas has also been working hard since last January to improve the team and facilitate the transition process.”

He continued: “But this transitional process begins with improving the current structure and finding the right people to strengthen our technical teams in every aspect. I do not believe that there are two separate tasks, one for the manufacturing team and another for the current team. There are not two separate teams, it is one team that needs to be a strong foundation.” For the manufacturing team.

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