Azhari scholar: The Qur’an is God’s extended rope, the best companion, and a clear light for Muhammad and all people

Dr. Abu Al-Yazid Salama spoke with the scholars of Al-Azhar Al-Sharif, about the definition of the Holy Qur’an and other heavenly books, saying: “The Qur’an is the extended rope of God, the most reliable intercessor, the best companion who never tires of speaking, and the clear light that God has sent down to guide humanity, and will come on the Day of Resurrection as an intercessor for its companions and people.” The Qur’an is God’s people and His special ones.”

Abu Al-Yazid Salama added during the program “And We Will Preserve Him,” broadcast on Al-Nas channel, that Muslims have memorized the Qur’an with God’s preservation of it, and it is the light that God sent down to the Seal of the Prophets and Messengers, and a light for a nation that was brought forth for the people at the end of time, so there is no prophet or book after him.

Under the slogan “Ambassadors of the State of Recitation,” Al-Nas Channel broadcasts prayer rituals from various countries of the world throughout the month of Ramadan, with Egyptian voices from delegated reciters and imams, to various countries of the world from the Ministry of Endowments.

Al-Nas Channel launched in its new form by showcasing its range of programs and the new map that is broadcast on its screen during the month of Ramadan last year 2023. It broadcasts on frequency 12054 vertically several programs for women and children, and religious, youth and cultural programs, covering all areas of life.

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