Badr Abdel Aati, Egypt’s Minister of Foreign Affairs.. The work journey began in Tel Aviv

Badr Abdel-Ati at an event in Berlin when he was ambassador, March 4, 2016 (Getty)

The selection of Badr Abdel Aati as Minister of Foreign Affairs, Immigration and Egyptian Expatriates Affairs today, Wednesday, in the formation of the new Egyptian government, instead of Sameh Shoukrywho spent ten full years in office, a state of angry reactions on social media, as the new minister is accused of embezzlement and spying on activists opposing the Egyptian president Abdel Fattah Sisiwhen he served as Egypt’s ambassador to Germany between 2015 and 2019.

Badr Abdel Aati began his career at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1991 as Third Secretary at the Egyptian Embassy in Tel Aviv, and then served in several positions at the Egyptian embassies in the United States and Japan. He served as Director of Palestinian Affairs at the Ministry between 2007 and 2008, and Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for European Union and Western European Affairs between 2012 and 2013. Following the military coup (led by Sisi) against the late President Mohamed Morsi, Abdel Aati was appointed Deputy Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs and the official spokesperson for the Ministry from 2013 to 2015.

Abdel Aati was accused of purchasing a Mercedes with funds from the Egyptian embassy in Berlin and registering it in his personal name, in addition to his involvement and that of other embassy employees in seizing money and belongings estimated at 250 million euros, including a heritage carpet and an oil painting. A delegation from the Administrative Control Authority raided the Egyptian embassy in Berlin in April 2017, in addition to Abdel Aati’s residence, to investigate him for squandering belongings belonging to the embassy.

He then faced accusations from some Egyptian activists and researchers residing in Berlin, that he was using the embassy to write reports on the activities and statements of Egyptians opposing Sisi. This accusation was reported by the Spanish newspaper El Mundo, citing the arrest of the well-known researcher Ismail Al-Iskandarani, after his return to Egypt from a visit he made to Berlin, as part of his research and academic work.

The accusations against Abdel-Ati increased with the involvement of an employee holding Egyptian and German nationalities, who worked in the office of former German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and was accused by Berlin. By spying In favor of Egyptian intelligence, a case that the German domestic intelligence announced in July 2020, and was preceded by the employee’s arrest in December 2019.

In a famous phone call with the media figure Amr Abdel Hamid on the Al-Hayat satellite channel, regarding the crisis of Egyptian workers stranded in Libya at the time, Badr Abdel Aati uttered an obscene phrase when he said on air, “Answer, you son of a (…) dog,” when he was the spokesman for the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs nine years ago. Before being named Minister of Foreign Affairs, Abdel Aati served as Egypt’s ambassador to Belgium, Luxembourg, and the European Union. He is known for defending the deteriorating human rights situation in Egypt in international forums, and claiming that there are no political prisoners in his country.

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