Basem Samra dancing to “Gamdeen Gamdeen” with Tamer Hosny from the backstage of “R”

12:06 AM

Friday 05 July 2024

Written by – Marwan Al-Tayeb:

The crew of the movie “Restart” continues filming, starring artist Tamer Hosny, and a group of Egyptian cinema stars are participating in the starring role. It is scheduled to be shown during the coming period.

Tamer posted a video clip on his Instagram account, in which he appeared behind the scenes of filming, accompanied by artist Basem Samra, director Sara Wafik, and a number of the work team. Basem Samra danced to Tamer’s song “Gamdeen Gamdeen”, which he released in the past few hours.

Tamer commented: “From behind the scenes of Restart, they are great, great, God willing.”

The movie “Restart” represents the second collaboration between artist Tamer Hosny and artist Hana El Zahed, after their collaboration in the movie “Bahebak” in 2022, and the first collaboration between him and artist Basem Samra, in addition to the second collaboration between him and director Sarah Wafik after their collaboration in the movie “Taj” in 2023, and the movie belongs to the comedy genre.

It is noteworthy that the artist Tamer Hosny recently held a concert in the North Coast, amidst a huge audience, and he took a risk, as he appeared suspended at a height of 120 meters, amidst the astonishment of the audience.

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