Basma Bousil sends a message to Tamer Hosny after releasing “Gamdeen Gamdeen”

08:23 PM

Thursday 04 July 2024

Written by – Hani Saber:

Singer Basma Bousil sent a message to her ex-husband, singer Tamer Hosny, after he released his latest new song, “Gamdeen Gamdeen”, on his official YouTube channel.

Basma wrote, commenting on a post by Tamer Hosny on his Instagram account, saying: “Congratulations, Timo… the masterpiece of the summer, God willing.”

Tamer posted the song on his account, and commented on it: “Now the song (Gamdin Gamdin) is on all platforms, lyrics by Mahmoud Salim, music by Tiyam Ali, distribution by Hesham Mohamed, master by Ali Fathallah, guitars by Mohamed Maghribi, accordion and bouzouk by Mahmoud Shahi.”

Some of the lyrics of the song “Jamdin Jamdin” say:

If someone is upset, meet him

This is from his hand

He said about happy people

And a new atmosphere on it

If he came to us, he would just leave

Of all that is in it

We met this

In the whole world

Every minute is fun

We exploit it

And the road that makes you angry

We walk in the opposite direction

Dance of the spoiled one

And we come out of sadness

Let’s light it up today

We are very nice

Solid solid and this is it anyway

Our sweet company is confirmed

No, there is nothing sweeter in all of this

We’ve been like this for years.

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