Basma Wahba announces suing a global shipping company because of her son.. What happened?

01:27 AM

Monday 01 July 2024


Journalist Basma Wahba announced that she was suing an international shipping company as a result of its delay in sending her son’s x-rays to Germany for examination by a doctor, which resulted in a decline in his health condition.

Wahba said in a video clip she posted on her official Instagram account: “I will not leave you with this message to the shipping company, because you have caused my son’s poor health condition.”

She continued: “I came from Saudi Arabia on the 26th, and my son was tired and had an injection in his spine that did not give him any relief. We were sent to a doctor in Germany who said he needed an operation.”

She continued: “The doctor asked us to do an MRI scan, and we did it. I told him it’s faster in Egypt than in Saudi Arabia because the distance between Saudi Arabia and Germany is longer. I told him I’ll send it to you in an office at the airport, and they said it will arrive in 48 hours.”

She said: “I stayed with them on the 26th, 27th, 28th and 29th. They woke up and sent the CD to London, but discovered that it came in the wrong order and was sent to Germany. It was supposed to go to Frankfurt, but they sent it to another country in Germany, and my son’s pain is getting worse and he is supposed to have surgery.”

She explained: “My son is a groom and his joy after two weeks, and God will not bring us anything but good, but you caused evil, and we postponed the joy so that the operation would be done quickly and he would get rid of his pain, and if I had sold someone and put him on a plane, the price would have been almost the same because your prices are expensive, and I will not leave you nor will I sue you.” In Egypt only and outside Egypt as well.”

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