“Beating and attempted strangulation”.. Nadine Al Rassi saves a child who was subjected to violence

05:53 PM

Friday 05 July 2024

Written by – Marwan Al-Tayeb:

Lebanese artist Nadine Al Rassi revealed a video clip of a woman abusing her child, and she intervened and saved him through a video clip she published on her official Instagram account.

Nadine filmed the incident with her phone, and showed a woman beating her child and trying to strangle him. Nadine surprised her by being around the house, entering the house and preventing her from continuing to beat the child. She commented on the video: “I take full responsibility if I made a mistake, hoping that those concerned will take action. The child has been abused for two months and the village is witnessing it. I heard the sound last night. It requires clarification.”

Many of her followers were keen to support her and commented: “Nadine, you are a heroine. My heart breaks. Why do you have children if you have no love? I remind all the people who say that she interfered in what does not concern her. It is the duty of every person to report when a child is subjected to violence. Failure to report is a crime in itself. I cannot stop crying. A girl of good character.”

Nadine Al Rassi is an actress who started her career in fashion. Chance played a role in her entry into the field of art when she had the opportunity to participate in the series “Al-Bashawat”, after which she took off and participated in many works, whether in cinema, television, or even theater, where she participated in the play “Zenobia” at the Rahbani Theater. Among her most prominent works are “Amelia, Al-Ikhwa, Khalek Ma’i”, and her last participation was in the series “Araba Beirut” in 2023.

It is noteworthy that Nadine Al Rassi is participating in the series “Black Heart” starring the artist Basem Yakhour, written by Jihan Ali Jan, directed by David Orian, and scheduled to be shown during the coming period.

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