Because of the goals of Lukaku and Simons…the Tottenham coach attacks the video referee: forensic medicine, not football!

Tottenham coach Ange Postecoglou gave his opinion on the refereeing controversy and video technology decisions in the UEFA Euro 2024 matches following the incidents of the Belgium-Romania, and France-versus-Netherlands match.

The referee canceled a new goal by Romelu Lukaku against Belgium after returning to the VAR due to offside, the third for the same player in the tournament after two goals against Slovakia after also referring to the video, the same thing that Xavi Simons underwent in the match between France and the Netherlands due to Denzel Dumfries interfering with Mike Maignan from an offside position.

While he was there to analyze the match between Belgium and Romania, Postecoglou commented on the arbitration in the European Nations: “The thing that angers you is that we have turned football into forensic medicine, we are talking about millimetres.”

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He continued: “The offside technique, the goal line, and touching the ball. The game has completely changed. The only positive thing I see is that decision-making happens quickly.”

The Premier League witnessed a vote after the end of last season based on a proposal from Wolverhampton to abandon video technology, which ended with the technology remaining by a collective decision of all clubs except Wolves.

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