Beer Sheva Rabbi Yehuda Deri was hospitalized in serious condition

Torah elders and the religious public were called to pray for the safety of the rabbi of the city of Beer Sheva and head of the elders of the courts, Yehuda Deri, who was hospitalized in the intensive care unit of Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem and his condition is described as serious.

The deputy mayor of Beer Sheva, Rabbi Oshri Avikhazer, made an emotional call to the public to pray for Rabbi Deri’s safety and complete recovery. “The public is asked to pray and tear open the gates of heaven. His other name for healing is Solomon: Raphael Yehuda ben Esther among the rest of the sick of Israel. And to Kabir he will not tire of the prayer of many,” said Rabbi Avikhazer’s reading.

The mayor of the city, Rubik Danilovich, joined the prayer: “Prayer for the healing of the city’s rabbi and Rabbi Yehuda Deri ben Esther. May we hear good news, Amen.”

The former deputy mayor, Ofer Kardi, also went out with a call to pray for Rabbi Deri’s recovery, an instruction was also given in synagogues to hold a prayer for his speedy recovery.

Rabbi Yehuda Deri (66) has served as the chief rabbi of Beer Sheva and head of the courts for 24 years, and has led a long series of decisions in favor of the religious public and shows tolerance towards the entire population of the city, while cooperating closely with the mayor Rubik Danilovich. Rabbi Yehuda Deri is the brother of Knesset member Aryeh Deri, one of the leaders of the Shas movement.

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