Beit Al-Rifai series, Episode 5.. Show times and broadcast channels

Displays Beit Al-Rifai series, episode 5starring star Amir Karara Today, Friday, on the channel ON the hour 9 in the evening, and repeats at 1:30 am and 9:45 am, and is shown on the channel ON Drama at 12 midnight and replay at 6 am and 4.30 pm, in addition to showing the work on the platform. watch it 7 pm.

The fourth episode of the House of Al-Rifai series witnessed the appearance of the artist Mirna Jamil in the role of Samia Halweyat, who learns about the story of Yassin (Amir Karara) from the Internet and that he is escaping from prison on charges of killing his father, Mahmoud Al-Rifai, and reassures him that she will not report him because she is afraid of entering any police station. Because people believe that she is a night girl, but she assures Yassin that she works as a hairdresser and beautician, and that she is ready to help him with anything.

The episode also revealed that the family was exposed to a great shock, after Farouk (Ahmed Rizk) met with them in the presence of the lawyer, who in turn announced that Hajj Mahmoud (Ahmed Fouad Selim) had written all real estate and properties in Farouk’s name before his death. It also revealed a surprise, which is Farouk’s involvement ( Ahmed Rizq) in the collision of the transport vehicle with the deportation vehicle in which Yassin was present before his escape, where he spoke to one of his men about his concern that his matter would be exposed.

During the episode, Farouk (Ahmed Abdullah) meets the husband of Hind (Enas Kamel), Yassin’s ex-wife, and offers to facilitate the sale of the land he desires in exchange for Yassin handing it over to him in any way. Meanwhile, Yahya Al-Rifai (Tamer Nabil) comes out of the hospital and is investigated by the prosecution about his brother Yassin’s escape. From him, the prosecution decided to detain Yahya for 4 days pending investigation.

The series “House of Al-Rifai” is shown within Ramadan 2024 series Starring: Amir Karara, Ahmed Rizk, Sayed Ragab, Mirna Jamil, Mohamed Lotfy, Tamer Nabil, Safaa El Toukhy, Malak Qora, Rehab El Gamal, Enas Kamel, Aida Riyad, Ahmed Fouad Selim, Ahmed Abdullah, Mustafa Abbas and a number of other artists, It is written by Peter Mimi, Hend Abdullah, and Amr Abu Zeid, directed by Ahmed Nader Galal, and produced by Synergy Company..

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